Tuesday, April 30, 2013



The Zither Fairy is a literary conceit I created when, during some 'splainin' of how I went from A to Z myself in my life. My 2nd husband, a violist himself, whom I met during a gun-for-hire gig found that after our marriage, I did not in fact, turn into a something-other-than-a-violist. Professional jealousy, stupidity, or just plain WTF? I have no clue.

Interesting sounding; much like the cembalo, which were used by Bela Bartök and Kodály. But, I can play neither zithers or cembalos.

What happened was this, it was summer time in Michigan, a usually fallow time, where we don't play much besides weddings, or music festivals out-of-state. He was 22 years older than I, and I was pulling in more work during the summer and he seemed, well, a tad put out about it. My feelings? Who cares, the money was all coming to the same household. Then, I got hired to play with the “Moody Blues,” for 3 weeks and all hell broke loose. So, that fall, I re-enrolled in school and majored in Computer Science. Needless to say, that marriage was history. To explain the demise of it quickly and easily in writing (although, the end of a marriage is never quick and easy, there were many agonizing nights and realizations that I should never, ever have assumed being married to someone who played the same instrument would bring any similar understanding,) I invented the Zither Fairy.

She's welcome to do the laundry once in a while.

Thus, when writing about the differences that ended the marriage, I say, "Alas, The Zither Fairy neglected to come and convert me from a violist to a zither player, therefore, I went back to school and majored in computer science." The marriage flatlined, anyway. But I did earn a new career, that allowed me to practice the old one at the same time and new adventures were to be had!

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