Wednesday, April 10, 2013



It had to happen. In between downloading a bunch of files for an old IBM Thinkpad, that my hardware counterpart is rebuilding, fiddling with trying to get appointments to Dermatologists that will take my half-assed medical supplemental insurance, getting prescriptions refilled, so I won't take hostages and trying to decide if I'm cooking, or can I squeeze out another night of “yay, sandwiches!” my give a damn broke and I decided to be idle, indolent, but not indigent.

I was homeless once; sometimes the food was this bad. But hey! It was food.

So, idle is okay for a while. But it's not idyllic, unless I have something to occupy my brain with. I have total monkey brain. If it isn't going 90 mph ALL THE TIME I'm awake, it gets really, really unhappy. I have to keep it amused. Doesn't really matter with what, just so long as it's interesting. I enjoy learning, but I understand our brains are built for that, so that's not surprising. I can't imagine stagnating in front of the TV, although I can stagnate pretty well in front of a computer.

Okay, "Gangnam Style" has been played on YouTube a sum total of 3,000 years, according to Buzzfeed. So, Jesus wouldn't have been around when PSY started. I just live for stuff like this!

I like mysteries and puzzles and I like math for the same reason, but I can also curl up with a good book and read. I'm reading the latest Alex Delaware novel “Victims” right now. Fun and idle. I don't do passive very well. I have more fun getting into trouble on the internet, committing cyber-vandalism. Saying silly things on people's Facebook pages. Whiling away the time, which is pretty much what this post is. Actually, this post is so slight, it's more of a place-holder, for the letter “I”

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