Tuesday, April 9, 2013



I was racking my brain for an “H” word today. In my usual fashion, none of the words I chose and put in a list have been used. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember the title of the list and have lost it somewhere in the wilderness of my of my hard drive. I can't remember what I chose, but it was probably something really Serious and Meaningful. The hell with it.

The bigger it gets, the worse it gets. Its own peripherals hate each other. Links die and go nowhere, except to Existential Land, maybe. Twitter Support is lame-o. "Let us help pick your new PC!" they gush. I tweeted, "4MB RAM, 33MB processor." "Great! Windows 8 is for you!" "Really? I thought Atari might do!" I tweeted back. Idiots.
While I was trying to work up a froth of “H” inspiration, I noticed, wayyy up in the left-hand corner, a new folder icon, where earlier today, my Recycle Bin icon had been. I haven't touched it, I haven't deleted anything today; I haven't accidentally deleted my Recycle Bin, which I have done in the past. I have Windows Vista. I used to work at IBM and I was an OS/2 Engineer. I worked in 3rd level support and I loved the operating system. It's robust and hard to louse up, unlike Windows, which is nothing but a thriving, self-replicating bug patch.

Vista is probably one of the less intrusive operating systems versions of Windows. We've had the Win95, 98, 2000, XP and I guess 7, which I have no experience with and 8, which ditto. Frankly they all suck. Apple sucks, too and you need to have Java loaded to run their garbage. I got rid of all of that when I got some of their more lethal viruses. I had to reload one of my computers back in 2008, when I downloaded a Java update. I chased a trojan around on my old Gateway system for 3 days and finally gave up and reloaded the system.

I play Runescape; this is the MOST important thing I use my computer for. SETI@home, Math arrays and writing/blogging and fixing the world run a distant 2nd to this! ViolaFury and Linus on their way to the coal mines.

In February, I got pneumonia and had to go to the ER. When I got home, my computer nagged me to download an update to RealPlayer, which is an Apple product and I did but didn't scan it before I installed it and got a smitty_fraud Trojan worm. I caught it before it's 3rd iteration. I then got rid of all of my Apple products. I had already uninstalled Java. For good measure, I uninstalled all of my MS Office and am running Open Office.org. I'm happy and my computer is happy, too! There is so much nasty stuff running around out there and Microsoft is sloppy. All big software publishers are getting sloppy with their security, and their half-assed approach to security is more apparent all the time. I bought a 2-year license for AVG security and I run Spybot on every piece of software that a program tells me to update. I have all updates set to “ask first before downloading.” It's worth it to avoid the absolute frustration of having to reload your system. I did this sort of work for 15 years. Half-assed doesn't cut it, and the big companies don't care.

I'm half-assed myself; here it is 8:48 pm, just getting to my post. I think the "G" is for Golf was probably funnier. This is new you can use. Let's call it edu-tainment. Tomorrow should be for I is for Idiot. Naaa, too obvious. Ouch.

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