Wednesday, April 3, 2013



As in I haven't a... As in what to write about. Words that begin with “C” abound, teem, jump and leap in my head. Beethoven must have taken what little inspiration I most recently acquired, out of my head. I only recently got it back, after catastrophes, chaos and crises, both large and small. My clues have to be writ large. I am that most literal of people; a horrible on or off type of person; binary in code.

I always, always lost. My go-to was "Miss Scarlett in the Drawing Room with the Race Car." Was there even a Race Car in this game? Or was that Monopoly?

I said more than I should have about Ludwig; windbag that I am. But I love him so as he is my Muse. Never fear, he is not my "M" word. I have a clueless and loving, adopted Chimera cat. I also tend to take more than my share of 270 degree turns. I like those dichotomies. Our Chimera cat is not a true Chimera; probably only a quartet, not an octet as I've been led to believe a true one is supposed to be to exist. Or, is she?

Venus, a true Chimera cat. She is her own twin.

I haven't a clue. I do have a cat, chaos, crisis on a semi-regular basis, but no longer do I use cat-gut strings on my viola. They were sheep-gut, actually, when I was in college, now, we have synthetic-core silver wound strings. But still, I have no clue. As a postscript, I remembered in my artless way later on, that my original "C" word was to be on compassion, which would have probably been much better. Although not as quixotic, it would have been longer. Win-win? I still have no clue.

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