Wednesday, January 6, 2021




After all of the denial. After all of the normalization. After all of the rationalization and nay-saying and trying to work around the person at the center of the discussion, much like trying to avoid the elephant in the room, our country has finally had to come to the grim realization that Donald J. Trump is merely a thug, and like any thug, he tried to apply muscle to both Houses today to force, stall, or subvert the inevitable.

I have to admit that I've kept him on the outside of my bubble for a long period of time. My bubble is this: my Asperger condition. I'm highly functioning, but like any Aspy, too much stimulation or stress gets all of my other “inconveniences”, like essential tremor going and so, I retreat to non-knowing bliss. Pretty much the last time I dealt with anything Trumpian was the day I returned from Japan and he was doing some of his immigration shit and wouldn't you know it, but, I had to fly into Dulles Airport and... it sucked. It took forever to get through Customs, even being legally blind. Whatamess. I decided that I would check out for a few years and that would be okay.

Trump. And dogs playing poker. I think the dogs won.

So, I went off to play viola, rescue some cats, move to South Carolina and get engaged, rescue some more cats, play some more viola, and then along came 2020. Holy Mackerel.

To say that this year was bad is like saying that Florida has hurricanes, or California experiences wildfires. I cannot believe in the sheer magnitude of the loss of life and the sickness and the blow to the economy that would NEVER have happened had we not stayed locked down for an initial six to eight weeks and flat-lined, instead of a three week lock down and open back up, when diseases don't work like that, especially a NOVEL virus that has never been seen before and is zoonotic (translation: jumps from species to species; a special kind of hell) to boot! I still haven't left the house since last February.

Also, a little reality check here. Does anyone remember in about the 3rd week of the announcement of having COVID-19 on U.S. soil, that the U.S. Navy said on Twitter one bright March day, “Oh btw, Aliens are a thing!” Well, they did and I totally haven't forgotten, but I digress.

Anyway, as we went through this worst of all years, and experienced George Floyd's murder over and over via video in late May (which was in itself 8 years long) and finally saw people get well and truly fed-up with all of the rampant killing being done by police and #BLM led the charge to protest and make whites 'fess up to the fact that we've never, EVER truly addressed racism, nor made everyone free, safe and equal, we got to take that time to look at ourselves and address our own shortcomings and say “Yeah, it DOES suck to be a black person in this here United States. Now, what are we going to do to fix this?” These kinds of moments are our opportunities to leap forward and to make reparations and acknowledge that we can do better.

History gives us this ability to seize that moment and it came again today, January 6, 2021, when Donald Trump's thugs stormed the Capitol and took over the House and Senate. It was astonishing. It was frightening. It was sad and horrific. This is the United States at its worst, because unlike the War of 1812, we did it to ourselves.

When we voted in November, 2020, we voted in Joe Biden for our 46th President of the United States. Since that was made official, Donald Trump has sent Rudy Giuliani, his attorney to several Supreme Courts, who turned down his petitions in every case, but one. Donald Trump has tried to get the Electoral College of each state thrown out so that he can substitute his own delegates; that too has been denied. He did manage to get some GOP Senators and Congressmen to question the validity of what was to have been today's final validation by the sitting Vice President, Mike Pence, but just in case that wasn't going to work, he called on his Proud Boys and other white Nationalists and Trumpists to intervene. They did so by storming the Capitol building and smashing things.

This is called "fomenting rebellion". Trump should be impeached immediately under Amendment 25 and arrested for that and his followers should be arrested for committing "insurrection". This is still a country of laws and truth. What he doesn't understand is that if a Revolution DOES come, it may not have the desired outcome and there is always, ALWAYS a Trotsky waiting in the wings.

This is thuggery at its finest and you don't get any more brutish than this. This is shit that was done in the 1st Republic of Rome and that was a long time ago. When the men and women of the Senate and House were finally allowed to re-convene this evening, Mitch McConnell (THAT fucking weasel) looked shaken, and spoke of the need to have a country that was “Ruled by Law” or some nonsense. Other senators spoke and were impassioned that the American people had spoken; that a clear majority had voted for Joe Biden and that by putting aside their wishes, we would no longer stand as a republic, or a Leader among countries. As it stands, we've already blackened our own eye, and we have a long way to go to repair our image. Let's not go down the road of the “banana republic”.



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Anonymous said...

ViolaFury passed away in June of 2021. The two year anniversary is almost here. Her friends miss her well spoken perspectives on many topics. Love you ViolaFury. Miss you every day. Sam (Nicole)