Tuesday, August 4, 2015


What a stupid title, for my #IWSG check in for August. But for the fact that this summer started off so very badly, I know I really do have plenty to be grateful for, but at times, the gratitude wears thin, and the worrying about the future returns. “Living in the moment” has never been easy for me, and it has taken me a long time to try and “wear the world lightly” upon my shoulders. I'm certain it is this way for many people; it's just not something I care to holler from the rooftops or yammer too much about in my blog. I know I've come a long way back to regain my good physical health, and as for my mental state, it is what it is. I manage it.

"Goldurnit! I thought this was a Kermit the Frog costume. Who in the Hell is Kermit the Spider?"

With that said, it seems that all I've seen in the news and have reacted to has been negative. We don't seem to be going in a direction that indicates any enlightenment that I can see, and yet, as I commented to one of my readers, we cannot give up hope, nor can we ever stop trying to better ourselves, our environment, our lives and I don't mean in just a general way, but in a patently observable way, that is noticeable around us. I don't believe that we are just put on this planet to live from day-to-day, without making some effort to help ourselves or others around us. It's the, for want of a better word, struggle that makes us alive.

Now, I feel like I'm on some treadmill here, trying to explain myself, but I think it's patently obvious that I mean working or giving our service to others, either in volunteer work, or in helping a neighbor. I was horrified when they removed my “fairy-lady” neighbor from her home, recently. Her husband does not speak English, and I found myself trying to find her. She was located and returned, but I stopped and wondered what would have happened had we not located her. She's not always coherent, but she's easily dealt with. I was able to put forth my own information as a “next of kin” or “emergency contact”. I wish I had thought of it sooner. Thankfully, she's home and all is well. Just as my neighbor – or my “pretend adopted son, Alex” is my “emergency contact”, and I, his. We had to start really thinking of these little things, after Jim died. How that really makes things better, is a tangible thing. It's so we don't get lost in the system. It does happen, as I've found on a research project I am doing for a political action group. But enough about that. 

Для моих русских читателей и последователей : Огромное спасибо за вашу веру в меня , и я надеюсь встретиться с вами когда-нибудь, когда я посещаю . До тех пор , до свидания ! 

I have been writing and trying to make it a more regular thing. I like the idea of the #IWSG Writing Sprint, but I haven't been as good about it as I could be. The only really interesting thing, is that I find for the first time this week, my Russian readers outnumbered my American readers, since I started this blog in 2011. It has never been any secret that I have a huge affinity and love for the Russians and I primarily came to know them through their music and then later, their stunning literature and poetry. I adore the mysticism and the hardiness of these wonderful people and their sense of humor. I guess you'd better have one, if you're going to live in a country that tough! At any rate, this is my monthly check-in and I hope to have at least some coherent words in something resembling a plot line, maybe. The Orchestra starts back up on the 1st of September and we will be playing Rimsky-Korsakov's “Scheherazade” on our first concert. I'm really looking forward to that. Again, with the beautiful Russian music!