Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I realize that life is a river and a journey and all of those lovely things that people love to tell us when we're traversing this mortal coil, but these last several years have been very difficult for me, and I think it culminated in a horrendous break-up in late March, early April of this year. I was basically gas-lighted, made promises to and let up a primrose path for almost three years, by someone I put my trust in and I should have known better and passed on what I passed on approximately 20 years ago, but I am a trusting soul and that is hard to change.

Anyway, because I have essential tremor and because the stress takes such an enormous physical toll on people who have that disorder, I was pretty well out of it for a while and spent my time hiding and crying; basically mourning for someone who never existed in the first place. Silly me.

As you can tell by the tenor of this post, I've snapped back, and I actually feel better than I've felt in ages, at least since this person has been in my life and since the death of Jim. Rationality and my old logical sense have returned and I pity the next person, the individual about whom I am writing falls prey to his spell. I passed on the option to be “one of his two best friends”, since he had married his last “one of two best friends” and did nothing but bitch about her. He can now feel free to bitch about me and I'm fine with it. At least I don't have to hear it. There's something wrong with someone who does nothing but complain about EVERYONE in their lives and I suspect we're looking at a rampant case of narcissism. But that's not my concern.

It is starting to get hot here again in Tampa. It had been cool for sooo long and that was nice. I've been able to open up my house. A new cat has adopted me, and she's a riot. There's no petting allowed, but she's terribly happy to come in, eat my vittles and hang out. I, of course, forget she's here until she startles me and I either reach for a lamp (see “The Great House Invasion of 2016), or jump out of my skin. Either way, she'll get used to me. She stares at me like an owl, and I came up with an unusually shitty name for her: “Who”, until my friend, Jeremy pointed out, we could do the “Who's on First?” routine, and my other friend Josh, concocted this mental image of me out in my yard, yelling “Whoooo! Time to come in!” Gah. Just terrible. So, she's "no-name" for now. Anyway, happy IWSG'ing for everyone, and I wish you all well! I'm getting back into my writing routine as well, too and that feels wonderful!