Wednesday, March 6, 2019


This is a real poser for me. I'm pretty much a rhetorical writer and the very small bits and pieces of fiction that I've dabbled in have been from a rather omniscient view and a not very well-organized one, at that. I tend to feel like I have the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution shouting out the beginnings of some kind of Constitution after the October Revolution in my head most of the time and I rest sublimely within my bubble of confusion, with Lenin, Bulganin, Trotsky, et al. , shouting at once and only coming out when necessary to deal with such things as rent, bills and such necessities. This is what solitary living has done to me. I'm comfortable in my bubble, but probably a bit too comfortable and need to get out more.

That being said, I'm not out of ideas of things to write about, nor opinions about daily life around me. The 'hood is still the 'hood and still full of the usual colorful people and antics. Our current mission in V. M. Ybor is to get Trinity Cafe shut down and moved out of here, as what we feared has come to pass. It has become a magnet for more ne'er do-wells and lay-abouts and way too many people with no fixed address who have driven up the already-alarming crime rates in this district.


I have no idea what this building was originally. I have to walk (at a dead run) past this on my way to the bus stop. You can't really see in the windows, 'cause it's all dark and shadowy, with dirty windows and shapes move soundlessly within. I suspect this may have indirectly caused me to break my left hip when I fell last October, although I wasn't near this building. This kinda Evil travels. It's a Proven Fact!

On a lighter note, the Checkers of the Damned is still in business across from the real Checkers on Floribraska Avenue and Nebraska Avenue, where all the cool guys and ghouls can drive their Christines thru the Drive-thru and get Maggot Burgers after 12 a. m. Free this week; a side-order of deep-fried fungus; only with coupon. Yum!

Anyway, not to meander, what was the question again? Oh! Pro or con? Not sure. If I ever think of writing an epic piece of fiction, I'll probably write from both views, cosmo-like. I like the idea of playing a chess game with myself! Happy #IWSG'ing!