Sunday, February 14, 2016


Well, so much for goals. I started a little serial novel, and then damn! If it didn't become part of my own little “Nebraska Creepers” serial. But seriously? It's a good thing I have that kind of psychopathic moxie, because it seems to me, we're headed down a road that is going to produce a singularity, and I may need my ability to let go of every human inhibition to survive. I do believe I posess the flip side of a serial murderer and I can conjure that up easily, if need be. With the country's situation quickly unraveling that may be necessary. Lemme explain, or at least try to clarify.

The last time the USA had a Presidential slate like this was with the Dems in 1984, and no one could put up a candidate to beat Ronald Reagan. Every jackleg on this podium is not qualified to be President, and most are incompetent in whatever it is they do. God help us all.

On the one hand we have the GOP. I may as well start with them first, since they're the most obvious. Ted Cruz is running for President and so far, NOT ONE jackhole in power has done ANYTHING about the fact that he is not a native-born American! I personally believe the FEC (Federal Election Committee) is run by no one, or Keebler Elves, or Christ knows who, because back last summer they let a guy named “Deez Nuts” in Iowa register to run for Prez and it turned out to be a 15-year old kid in Iowa who polled 3rd behind Donald Trump in North Carolina, when “Deez Nuts” asked to be polled, because dems da rules. “Deez Nuts” got the idea when some 17 year old in Kentucky recruited his friend's cat “Limberbutt McCubbins” to run for President and that created some kind of press interest. How fucked up is that?

Okay, so with these two in the Executive Branch, something might get done. Gridlock, back-biting and I suspect, greed, corruption and out-of-itness as regards the American people are at an all-time high. Not that we didn't help, by not checking out the jackanapes who were running for office and that we elected.

So, we have like 70 jillion people running for President on the GOP side, and that's a huge mess, because everyone seems to be waiting for the other guy to denounce Donald Trump, but this guy is not going away. The reality of a Trump Presidency is very real and it's scary, but no one is calling out Ted Cruz on his non-American birth, which should have been done, the minute he filed for his candidacy. When did we get so sloppy?

Gah! What a pair of feckless gorms! I'm not sure which looks phonier. Don, with that god-awful hair and flappy lips, or Ted and his Bob's Big Boy countenance. What's up with those thumbs? Are they getting ready to ram them up each other's asses?

Over on the Dems' side, it ain't lookin' much prettier. The smaller the margin, or the farther behind Hillary falls, the shriller she sounds and the more she flails around. She also is carrying some pretty hefty baggage that MUST be addressed when she takes office. Bernie was right at the beginning of the Debate Season (why must there be debates like, every other minute?) when he said “forget about the emails” at THAT juncture, he was right, but as more and more information comes out, it looks like Hillary did some pretty shady stuff. Also, I do not believe that she really and truly has the people's interests at heart. It boils down to trust and I no longer believe her. I do believe Sanders and I'm with him now.

Not to turn into a catty bitch, but ME-OW. That coat Hillary has on is eye-scorching and she apparently got it from Dolce-Gabana and wore it everywhere. It's hideous! One other thing, Sanders got 60% of the Primary Vote in New Hampshire, and Hillary only got 33%, yet she won more delegates, due to the stupid system they have with the Super delegates, whatever in the hell those are. No wonder the system is broken. It allowed George W. Bush to "steal" two elections and that whole system needs revamping.

Sanders is a populist in the truest, most old-fashioned sense of the word. He understand what this country is going through and while I do not believe this can be fixed in two Presidential terms, we can start the correction. I believe Obama, being a realist knew this when he took office and knew he was going to take heat for it in his second term. This mess took 40 years to take hold; it will not be fixed in six years. A new approach is needed and Sanders knows this.

The Right Honorable Judge Scalia was very conservative and he spoke plainly and sometimes roughly, but all who knew him said he was a kind man and took his responsibilities very seriously. Who wouldn't being a judge on the highest bench in the country. Liberals had nothing good to say about him. Although I may seem to have a liberal cant, I am an Independent and NEVER vote platforms. He wrote opinions that I often agreed with, and I'm sorry he's gone. Most Supreme Court Judges live to be eleventy-billion years old. President Obama is correct in trying to name a replacement as soon as possible. It is one of his Constitutional duties, and the ninnies in Congress need to shut their pie-holes and read the Constitution. The House Whip needs to send them to bed without their Scotch.

And now, we have the sudden, unexpected death of Antonin Scalia and the whole of the Republican Congress goes batshit insane and tells Obama he CANNOT install a replacement. What horseshit. This is the LEGISLATIVE branch of our government telling the EXECUTIVE branch of our government what it can or cannot do with the JUDICIAL branch of the government.

Geeze, President Obama has gotten gray since taking office. No wonder, dealing with all the shit he's had to take. He still has like 300+ more days. He's probably counting the minutes.

I do not believe any of these pinheads who are hollering that Obama CANNOT appoint a replacement have read the Constitution and it's time they did so. The 3 branches of government were created separately to keep any one branch of government from holding too much power or garnering it. If Obama backs down and gives in, this is tantamount to saying, “Okay, Legislature, I guess you rule here.” What nonsense.

This is the kind of stuff that brings on civil unrest and we're not all that far from that scenario. We have para-military groups within the police that act with impunity. Not all police are bad. My Aunt and Uncle's family are rife with people in law enforcement and they know their responsibilities are to the citizens they protect. You will find no more such honorable and extraordinary men and women who put their lives in harm's way.

A cute picture; we actually have parties with our District 3 Tampa Police, about four times a year. The fact that I live in a highly dangerous area is one of the reasons, but these guys know our names, know who lives where and they do check up on us. After the thwarted home invasion here, they've been by to check up on me. Tampa is NOT a small town, but this 'hood has a small town mentality.

However, in Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere, there are horrible problems with the police and they are more apt to kill a citizen and concoct some story later. There are “dark” places in Chicago, where people are held against there will, with no formal charges, thus abrogating our last true civil right that defined the difference between us and either a fascistic or tyrannical state. This may not be occurring on a National level, but we need to unshroud these mysteries and pull all of it into the light. Does Rahm Emanuel know of this? Being Obama's friend and confidante, how far up does the rot go? I'm not insinuating anything; merely trying to connect dots.

No one wants to see a military state, but with the passage of the Patriot Act, oodles and oodles of money went to local and state law enforcement and certain of the agencies ramped up their equipment, armor and weapons, beyond anything that would be needed against the local citizenry. Either through oversight, or planned, we have the mechanisms in place to become a police state, over a "terrorist act"; it won't take much

I have mentioned in the past that we've pretty much just given away our III, IV, V, IX and XIV Amendment rights, with the passage and the extension of the Patriot Act. Most of us are all too familiar with the “slippery slope” theory, or as we cross one line, it becomes easier to cross others. They're not easy to retreat from and if we are serious about “making corrections” we have to really look at where we are and be bluntly honest with ourselves. We didn't get here by being proactive and caring about what our country means to us.

There was a time when I felt proud to be an American; that time has long gone. In a way, I'm glad my parents are deceased. They set great store on being Americans, as many immigrants do, but they would not be proud of this country. They could not look around and say, "yes, I recognize this; this is MY America!" They would just hang their heads in shame.

We can stand up and thrill to Lady GaGa singing the “Star Spangled Banner” as jets fly overhead and Super Bowl L commences. We can tell ourselves that America is still great, but it's a hollow lie and if anything, we have become the enemy. We do all of the nefarious shit that we hold against our villains and we delude ourselves, when we talk about our “generosity as Americans”. We may be so in the specifics, but in general? We are monsters; we have no compunction about bombing other countries, taking out civilians and in some cases, killing our own people in the name of “national security” or as “collateral damage”. None of it is worth it, but we, The People ceased caring long ago. We have turned ourselves over to The State, and the only reason the State exists is to ensure the existence of the State.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Time for the monthly #IWSG check-in for insecure writers for February, 2016. January was missed because I FERGET and it's been so long ago now, but it was a pretty damn good reason, because a bunch of somethings came up and I was either out of town, or busy with something musical. I have been writing and have come up with a FABULOUUSSS idea for a semi-autobiographical novel in a serial form, that, well, if I could draw something besides crap like this:


I never could draw worth a hoot; essential tremor just makes it more bizarre. No one in their right mind would ever take THIS seriously!

I would love to create graphic novels, since I am intrigued by them. I will not be doing a Jennifer Jones-type thing, no way, no how. She confronts her abuser and she forces him to go through what he put her through; that would be a short chapter in my book, since it would involve fire and a swift beheading with a sharp scimitar and I'd ride merrily off into the sunset on my Arab steed and drink a non-alcohol piña colada. No tit for tat. Brute force...Aaaaand we're out! (Dust hands off)

The name of this so-called WIP is “Nebraska Creepers” and it involves folks in and around Nebraska Avenue and some of them are from my own imagination, and some of them are real, but we got a bit too close to real-life the other morning. A week ago last Monday to be exact. The weather has been strange here, as it has all over the country. Fronts have been moving through with a ferocity not seen in over a decade. We've had some tornadoes, and high winds, thunder and lightning and it's been very cold for protracted periods of time. Then it would warm up and the process starts again.

It's known in da 'hood that I am now single, or “widowed” (although Jim and I were never married; people tend to be vague around here) and I live alone and like it. I am very careful. My door is always locked when I go to bed and the deadbolt is slid home in its slot. Such it was on Sunday before last when I went to be and checked it once more as the wind howled with a ferocity that I really hadn't heard before around these old houses. This is the “old Tampa” near Ybor City, where the houses were built in the 20s and are “shotgun style” and not insulated. Most are termite-ridden and held together with the 197 coats of paint I may have mentioned in a previous post. I had woken up around 10 am to call a dear, dear friend down near West Palm and we chatted for a bit, and then I went back to sleep around 10:45. Alex was coming by later with some books and goodies that he was picking up from the VA – he had a Dr. appointment over there. The wind was still a-howling, and the door was still locked, I could see it from my bed. I fell asleep.    

I think we're "hard-wired" to find these images disturbing and I don't know why. I'm certainly not physically afraid of anything, when confronted by the mopes around here and elsewhere. But these images are disturbing I think because they speak to something deeper than just physical decay; they may take our souls, or corrupt us morally and I think THAT is what scares us.

I was sleeping on my right side and I was deeply asleep, but something didn't feel right, or I felt an intrusion upon my subconscious (my father did this as well, and it used to scare the hell out of my mother, but he always had good cause for doing it; he nearly beat an intruder to death once) and I went from comatose to Defcon1 in a nanosecond. Even though I cannot see well, I have “memorized” where certain things are, like the lamp. I reached for it with my left hand, opened my eyes, turned suddenly and yelled “What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

As I rose up in the bed, I noticed there were two men; one at my left, with his right hand about nine or so inches from my head and one at the foot of my bed. I swung the lamp, trying to brain the guy by my head with the heavy base; missed by a mile and the two terrified men ran for the front door and outside, down the steps and up the street. I locked the screen door, deadbolted the front door AGAIN, and used the door lock, AGAIN. I believe that the wind shook the door frame so hard, and the frame, being weak (along with the door) pulled away from the deadbolt, as Alex was able to do so easily when he came by about 45 minutes later. We bought and put ANOTHER bigger deadbolt on the door, plus, I now must make sure that screen door is locked.

It's creepy and remarkable that none of my jewelry, which was out , none of the 7 computers, not the 48" flat screen, not my wallet which was out were taken. Those two men saw an opportunity to commit a crime of rape and that's all they were there for. Had I not sensed something and woken up, and they'd gotten their hands on me, who knows what would have happened. I certainly wouldn't have given in, but I do know now, my feisty neighbor was home and he probably would have bailed me out. Still, it beggars the mind, people just strolling in your house in mid-day!

Later on, I talked to my neighbor and found out he's home all day and his girl friend works days, while he works nights. They brought me a stun-gun that they showed me how to use (it's right by my bed; let's hope I don't stun myself) and it's nice to know they're over there. We've always been there for each other. He laughed and said, “I thought you and Alex were having a tiff.”

I moved it away from the phone which has a "torch" (an English term to class it up, I guess). The "torch" alone will blind a sighted person. Ha!

I looked at him and said, “We've never had a tiff in the history of E-VER!” and laughed. Of course, Alex and I argue like a couple of old ladies, but that's a whole other thing!

Anyway, crime has been thwarted once again on Nebraska Avenue. I called the police and got the usual blah-blah. This is the 4th time I've actually gone after someone and gotten them to stop whatever nefarious thing they thought they were going to do. Calling the police and waiting for them to show up is beyond ridiculous around here. Not because the police are ridiculous, but because there is so MUCH crime and if you can't protect yourself, and oh maybe, discourage the bastards from trying it again, you can't live here. I don't mind living here and besides, Tampa Housing Authority has this nifty computerized system. You sign up (before the housing lists closed and before Jim died) and you get moved BACKWARD on the list. That's some terrific system. I'ma go live in a tent, or a yurt with some horses. Anyway, I've got plenty of fodder for my “Nebraska Creepers” series. Happy writing!