Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have a friend. He's rolling his eyes right now, over my stupid title and my stupid opening; joke. I have started many posts with this cheesy opening and then go on to say, something really, REALLY stupid, like “yeah, I know hard to believe.” Yesterday, a good friend of mine who’s at least as cat-shit insane as I am said “I had a friend, but the rope broke and they got away.” I responded with, “I had a friend. I  ate mine.” Tee hee. We think we’re funny. Anyway, we do have people who at least tolerate us, or pretend to like us. That’s rather hard to do on any sort of on-going basis though, isn’t it? We may all rib one another, but let’s face it, we’ve all got some pretty awesome folks that populate our lives.

One of my pals is a gentleman who lives out in the open skies of Colorado, in a basement, but is in the moving process. How one live under the stars in a basement right there is unique upon unique, I think. Anyway, Mr. Sundae Rye is celebrating his second year living independently of “the man.” Creating artwork, writing, blogging, I first ran across his website from @SundaeRye on Twitter several months ago and spent hours looking at the beautiful and strange artwork, reading his hilarious and furious prose and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Sundae is like me, a cat lover. He has 2 kitties!. I’ve noticed there are certain tendencies and similarities that resonate with like minds on the internet. We may as well stop all of this bullshit "IRL" and "internet" and "Virtual this" and "online" and "Outside." This isn’t “Logan’s Run.” Last night I was on “Runescape” and one of my dippy friends pops up and says “did you miss me?” This is the same genius who wanted to know if anything besides green dragon monsters dropped green dragon skins. I said, “Yeah, ogres,” and kept on killing lava guys. So, he says, “did you miss me?”  I said. “Yeah, where were you?” He says, brightly, “In real life.” I said “Oh. No shit! I thought you died or were in the 5th dimension or haunting people.” He says, “Tee hee.” He knows I’m going to be a smart ass.

So, whether it’s on the internet or in real life, I’ve noticed that certain types of people gravitate towards one another. Not exactly startling news, I guess. Anyway, Sundae writes and writes very well, as well as photographing, painting and drawing. Truly a Renaissance Man, without Sir Thomas More's fate, I hope. His facility with writing and expressing ideas is matched only by his ability to uncap at the precisely needed moment, a fine anger towards an idea. He then unhorses that idea explaining why it’s a bad one, coming up with a solution, or countering the idea into neutrality.

This is something Harlan Ellison does so well, as does Stephen King. The two know each other; authors do seem to be a comradely group. I was shocked to find out that the humorist Dave Barry, Stephen King, Greg Iles, Amy  Tan and several others were in this horrible rock group called the “Rock Bottom Remainders.” They played together and I believe they still get together now and then for causes. My understanding is they weren’t all that horrible. I’ve never heard them. I was a professional violist for 35 years. I think the Vienna Philharmonic plays out of tune. I may get around to actually hearing the “Rock Bottom Remainders,” some day. If I’m drunk. Then again, maybe not. I'm a horrible music snob.

Anyway, I started reading Sundae’s prose. This is about the time I think the warranty ran out on my laugh. It was starting to get a bit rusty and screechy. Then I ran across “Jesus Was a Zombie,” and all Hell broke loose. I think I lost consciousness 2 or 3 times during that post, alone. JC had to pick me up out from under my computer. He kept shouting, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” I’d open my mouth to answer, and rusty springs would come out. That was one of the funniest things and most honest pieces I’d ever read. The interesting thing is, it in no way changes the way I view my relationship to God or Jesus Christ. It’s a very personal thing. What Sundae believes is his belief. I respect that and I’m no more saved than he is and he’s no more damned than I am. Anyone who doesn’t get that is wrong.

This world, this universe, this weltanschauung is infinite. If it cannot accommodate the beliefs of a finite amount of people on a single planet, there is something fundamentally wrong with the entire universe and ANY belief system is then flawed. Period.

Anyway, everyone needs to stampede on over to and give the man’s website a look. His artwork is stunning; you’ll see works in progress. Lots of it is reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch, but so much more is just Sundae. His books are wonderful as well. The man is also generous to a fault. Ask him a question, and you’ll get a conversation. He’s straight up and refreshing. Tell him Hello for me. 

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