Sunday, July 29, 2012


For something new and different last night, I decided to waste some time. I know you all will say, "But Mary, not you. You are all about purpose, drive and manufacturing heavy machinery." You wouldn't be far wrong. Balls. After we have some pastrami sandwiches, at least my 874th in a row, we watched a little "Angel," on Hulu. This was after a heavy day spent fiddling around trying to see if I could get Bright House to believe that I have Cable as well as Internet (I don't) and could we possibly watch more than 3 minutes of herky-jerky badly-streamed Olympic boxing. We couldn't.

Thus thwarted, I turned to the riotous goings on on Twitter, which is a combination of Comedy Central, smoke-filled back room and Ronco Warehouse, complete with raunch. There, I pretended to be witty for an hour or two, answering such plaintive messages as "I'm going to Hell in every religion" (thanks @hangglidded) with "at least you're ecumenical." to the moment Twitter went Boom! and disappeared. I was talking to @SomethingsomethingAtheist. She had said "as long as you're okay with this." I tweeted back, "Yes, I had teaching from Jesuits, they're pretty much okay with everything, including aliens." BANG! There went Twitter. We concluded that the universe couldn't handle that exchange after Twitter came back and thus, we tee-heed, giggle-giggled, were punished. This exchange occurred among the 8 bajillion Tweets bitching about Twitter being down, as if Twitter will never, ever do that again and is sorry. So, this has been quite the arduous day, and it isn't even half over yet! Actually, the Twitter thing happened Thursday or Friday, but my days being as busy as they are, it's all a whirl of social activity and business meetings. I'll have my people call yours and we'll do lunch.

So, the rest of my "typical" day after the disappointment of not being able to steal the Olympics, and doing fuck-all on Twitter is to go and look at the same 3 pictures that have been over on FB for some reason. I really think my Facebook is broken at certain times of the day. And there are people I've never seen or heard of before. They loom up out of the Cyber-ether. post incomprehensible I know not what messages and slip off the bottom of my monitor, never to be seen again.

These are interspersed with all my old familiar friends and pages, so I skip about commenting on this, liking that. If I find anything offensive I either ignore it, or if it's truly mean-spirited I eviscerate the writer. Why people have to be so mean is beyond me. I know it's a frightening time and that we are truly not in a good place econimically, socially, politically and especially spiritually. That is most important to me. Why we feel so compelled to be so cutting and hurtful to one another when we all are really at our most vulnerable just baffles me. At the risk of sounding horribly naive and just out of it, I have been around long enough and been in enough different places to realize it really is just as simple as opening your heart. It is just as easy as putting your hand out. If every one did that, there would be no conflict, no need for difference. Yeah, wish on, Mary That's how I spend my days sometimes.

Not to switch gears, but that's exactly what I'm going to do. After the fooling around with Olympic non-stealing, Twittering, FB'ing, eating, Angel-ing and general blabbering, JC went to sleep. I was still wide-awake and I decided to cap off a perfect day with... Runescape! Other than getting my free "spins." which is a bunch of stupidity right there, I've been trying to get this whole blogging, social-networking thing going, so I haven't 'scaped much lately. When I play Runescape, I tend to play it for days on end. Yeah, more no-lifing. So, I get my two free spins, which are tantamount to getting more free useless shit to stuff in my bank, that is already full of useless shit. Great. Now, I'm back to killing level 83 cockroaches. I was chopping Magic Trees, but all the assholes in Runescape were taking my trees. I was mining coal, but all the coal assholes showed up too, so back to killing bugs. Fuck me. My friend Bryan is on, and he's one of my best friends. Good hearted soul and just an all around great guy. He's also possibly more profane than I am. I was talking to him about how I didn't have a topic for today. He said "Well, sure you do. You can even type 4500 words." I thought he meant a choice of words:

I didn't realize he meant only one word. Asshole.
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