Monday, July 9, 2012


I didn't post yesterday and was meaning to, after taking it easy on Saturday. Who am I kidding? I take it easy every day. Anyway, I got wrapped up in something that I find myself caring about. Surprisingly and maybe I shouldn't be surprised. If the brand new me (well, okay, the middle-aged, re-tread me) is concerned with truthiness, honor, fairness and all that good crapola AS I SEE IT, then I think it's right I call foul where I see it.

To wit and I'll try to be brief. I have a horrid tendency to have logorrheia and halitosis of the mouth and mind all at once. It can be daunting and I've never met a digression I didn't want to wed.

A trip down memory lane, thorns and all

I lived in the house directly north of this house. It's the house where the "ladies" lived. I use that term loosely. This house you are looking at now is a half way house. Ex-cons, homeless and mental patients recently released from hospitals live here, along with people who are on SSDI, but are not "qualified" to live in Assisted Living Facilities, i.e., they can still "care" for themselves. Air quotes because "care" is sometimes optional. I lived in this situation for 10 months. I learned a set of social skills that augmented the ones I learned from my parents.

What I learned from my parents besides logic, debate and the art of diplomacy were a good right hook, left upper cut and take down. None of this went to waste. Intimidation as a tool was taught as well. But, the most important things I learned and am still honing keenly are these; compassion, understanding, fairness. And oh, Mother of God, try to love. In the last few days I have been tested. I am holding some people accountable for their actions and you will see why. But for those who have done things they shouldn't have and are trying to right, I'm here and I bear no judgment. You bear no stigma with me. There is no life sentence for you. You are a person in my eyes, not a lesser being to be spat upon or despised. Come, let me comfort you. Talk to me. I'll try to help.

Please, please my dear readers, read this all the way to the end, including all comments. I know several of the people mentioned and I know the arguments. I do certainly understand Joseph's concern, NIMBY is his right, but it is not that dire, and our reaction as a whole has been devastating. Tampa City Councilman Mr. Frank Reddick has to have known what was going on in his district; if not, for that reason alone, he does not deserve his seat. Ms. Bailey, the resident is only doing what she believes will protect her, so she bears no blame, but she willI receive no help, either. 

I do hope I offend no one in my stance on this subject, but let me be clear. I think the movement to demonize offenders as "sexual" offenders is off the mark. It is an over-reaction to a very, very serious and horrific set of crimes. These people are not those criminals. For now, that is all I will say. I invite all of you to comment, just try to be nice. Remember, I have DefCon1 in my head at all times. Heh.

Actually, I want discourse from you all. I want to go to the next Tampa City Council Meeting and visit with Mr. Reddick He seems to think that he will be looking into what he can do about the concentration of S.O.s in this area now that he's found them. I hope he doesn't plan on spending any of the taxpayer's money he's earned while dilegently protecting us from us conducting a study. I can tell him in a minute. Leave them alone. They were fine before you found them. They're still fine. Peace and love to you all. <3

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