Thursday, July 5, 2012


No one will be seated during the last 3 inches of this picture

Okay, okay. I'm still the same stupid ass I was in all the other lousy blogs I pretended to blog in. 

The afternoons around here have been murderously hot, just ferocious. I'm not generally known for patience anyway and guess what? There are a whole bunch of folks hanging around Nebraska Avenue who don't work. Surprised? Neither am I. Since I moved a whole 3 houses from the shelter where I was housed, it ain't far from the 'hood. The users, abusers, crack whores and grifters are all here and a partyin'. Life is grand. Except when it ain't; mostly when I show up.

We actually are in a quiet little house one building east of Nebraska. Directly across from us is a parking lot for the Nebraska Cafeteria that is run by a Honduran family. JC and I hot foot it over there several times a week to eat their food and exchange "it's hot" comments multi-lingually with them and their customers, so we can feel multi-cultural. It's a pleasant way to spend a confusing 15 minutes, as we wait for our orders. I, of course, am right at home. Next to that little cafe is our laundromat, which for now will remain shrouded in secrecy. 

The afternoon I stepped outside to just see what was going on, which I was hoping was a whole bunch of nothing, I noticed one of the "regulars." The "regulars," are the winos, users and in at least one case a drunk Jehovah's Witness (straight with God there, big fellah?) who pester, beg, bully, sing, opportune, amuse, threaten, hit and sadden the surrounding inhabitants. Now, let me be clear about something. There are no clear lines here. Sometimes, the drunks and users are the inhabitants, I've noticed and the opposite occurs as well. It's a swell Merry-Go-Round. However, there are a few of us who don't choose to get on that ride, and one of the saddest things I've seen? The most vociferous in their condemnation of the abusers are some of the worst.

Hypocrisy is not by definition one of the seven deadly sins, but I think it should be. I believe that hypocrisy is responsible for some of the most reprehensible of thought in any spiritual or judicial canon, if I may be so lofty. Hypocrisy is responsible for pogroms, lynchings, slavery, sexism, racial, sexual orientation; you know the litany. It is lying. Lying is a sin. Sorry. It's evil.

Anyway. My particular "regular" was Guy with Fucked Up Leg And Cane With 4 Prongs, henceforth, "GWFULACW4." I step out, hoping for nothing much going on-ness, when  GWFULACW4  unfurls his hose of 2 1/2 inches IN THE FUCKING STREET IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE AND BEGINS TO WATER THE STREET AT 2:30 IN THE GODDAMNED AFTERNOON!

I'm not a little irate. I'm not a bit irritated. I'm not mildly annoyed. Understand something World At Large. I walk around with my head at RED ALERT all the time. Last month a mouse the size of a CANOE ran through my bedroom. My eyes are like a really bad fun house mirror, and the left one is dark, warped and cloudy. My brain interprets everything as BIG and has for seven years. It's DEF CON 5. It's 3 minutes to Midnight. It's Alan Parson's "Psycho Babble Rap" in my head, but I've learned to live with it. However... it can be kind of like nitro, and you know what?

It can go BOOM! LOL; it didn't this time. As GWFULACW4 was obliviously pissing away, I screamed "HEY!! YOU!!!!! QUIT PISSING IN THE ROAD"

GWFULACW4 didn't miss a drop, kept peeing. "DAMMIT!!! YOU FUCKER!!! QUIT PISSING IN THE STREET!" GWFULACW4 looked up, poked his pecker in his pants and we started brandishing our canes at one another like some lunatic fencers at Hell's Championships. "Shu'p Bitch!" "Fuck you, you asshole" Witty retorts rebounded. I was more menacing because I was soberer or could see better I guess. GWFULACW4 shuffled off, me bounding along (okay, tripping after with whackamole) "Don't you piss on that guy's car, you bastard, I'm calling the cops!" GWFULACW4 hobbled faster.

I didn't feel bad about that at all. What if a kid had seen that? Jesus. This guy badgers people and he's a bastard to boot. He's one of the ones who never sobers up, never gives it a rest and lives off the dole all the time. I have a problem with that. But I also just hate the attitude of "ah, the poor, we shall always have them with us..." Is there no answer? Do we just do the best we can with someone like that and concentrate our efforts on the ones who really matter? Then, who decides that?

Maybe I should. God knows I'm rational enough. There's a stray cat that has been coming around here. She was pregnant and we fed her up through and after the birth of her kittens. The bitc.. erm, neighbor next door, who "pretends" not to speak English bitched to our Landlord who is a very nice man and a bit of a wuss. She has gone from neighbor to Chupacabra. He asked me not to feed her and I went into a meltdown over it. Honest to God, how in the Hell can anyone do that to a defenseless animal? I cried for days. She "claims" that fleas have gotten into her house. Well, the cat, who is a beautiful tortoise-shell spent a whole 5 minutes twice a day up here on our porch eating. How in the fuck did fleas get from a stone porch, through screens into a living room in two weeks?? Lying Chupacabra!!!

I gave her the Evil Eye. When no one was around. I caught her and hissed at her and growled. I talked to her in a language she understands. No one believes her. The Landlord doesn't. JC knows I would never do anything like that. I still feed her too. The cat. Not Chupacabra. Tomorrow, I shall tell of the Laundromat and what I would enjoy doing; I am also going to be adding "Featured:" blogs that I read regularly and hope you guys do too, if you don't, you're missing out. Ciao. 

Featured: Well, in my usual user-hateful way, I refuse to try and interface with this Bloggy-blog thingy. I am not in Wordpress, because I hate that even more than Blogger, so will suffer along here until I find out how to beam my thoughts directly into all your heads. Can't wait for that! 

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