Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This is the first of my last batch of posts that will be written and produced on my old, old friend, and IBM Thinkpad, that I salvaged from my landlord, who works best with a hammer and is 80 years old. Out of nostalgia, after I repaired the thing, I offered him 50 bucks. He took 10. Okay, I'm a hell of a negotiator.   

My landlord salvaged this out of some junk heap. All I did was load an OS onto it, and tried to give it back to him. He looked around at my "computer lab". I said, I'll give ya 50.00 bucks for it." He said, "10.00. okies?" Okies. You can't kill these things.

Anyway, (like you're in the edge of your seat for this riveting story), I'm trying something with C++ on my souped-up septa-core. Corrupted heap at fal-de-rol blah blah blah. Blargle. I overclocked the CPU, which is no sweat for this puppy, but I have to back up, and go step-by-step to fix. All of this is for a gaming site, which I am apparently going to have a real job doing, so this requires Knowledge (which would actually work for #AtoZ and got a "K" letter out of it, but is dry as sand for no one who gives two farts for heaps, corruption, stack overflows, and sector). Since I'm batting 1.0000 in these types of things, it will be fixed.

I wish Miguel would find these in some junkyard. Introducing the IBM Glue gene Mainframe; puts the Cray to shame. I stood up against the side of one of similar style once, and the power flowing through them is amazing!

The other reason I'm doing this, is I'm going to be splitting Tampa, Nebraska and my environs for a week or so, and want to take this puppy on the road, thus want to make sure it's serviceable and that I'll be able to post something besides colorful crap that I can create and upload all day in PAINT. No one wants to see my horrible drawing; it's worse than my photography, which Lee McAulay over at #ROW80 insisted would get me hired for Paranormal TV. It's THAT bad and apparently genetic. 

I have not clue one as to what I was taking pictures of, why or when, but it was probably at night, because I am up mostly at night. Suffice it to say, they exist, and they were in my camera, so I must have taken them. The fool camera is one of these little cheap knock-offs that says it does everything. It does, but not well and it's a bitch to figure out. I couldn't find the really good one that I took of the stove in the dead of night, with no lights on and no flash. That one there is one hum-dinger of a photo!

I don't believe that I ever saw my dad pick up a camera, but my mother had no qualms about picking up a camera and taking a picutre of any old damn thing. Her favorites were meaningless pictures of the sky, with no landscape, so you didn't know if it was sunrisee or sunset and you were left with that timeless quality of just . . . clouds, in varying shades, close-ups of just. . . rocks because they were "interesting"; they weren't. Pretty much every rock is just like another, and people from the neck down, so she was either finding friends in Witness Protection Programs, or she was just too damn short to realize she was beheading all of her subjects. 

Of course, we all waited with baited breath, everytime she came home with a new batch of abominations, so that we all had something to have a good howl and screech over. She wasn't exactly thrilled when I went to Japan and came home with 11 rolls of film, that were just. . . bridges. I got a few people in shots, by accident, but I told her, "Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." She thought a moment, when went "True. . ." Just because we knew our limitations was no reason to put down the camera.


I have seventy-billion pictures of stuff like this in my mom's effects. Cats doing various amounts of nothing. The ginger cat, named "Dwayne" actually looked like a stoner and sat like that all the time. I'm not sure who the other cat is, but he/she looks to be in mid-stroke; I'm guessing it's some form of playing. I am equally bad, if not worse when it comes to taking pictures of felines.

Of course, we always had cats, kittens, or kittehs. I have some of the most random shots ever of cats that she photographed. They always look drunk. I'm not sure how one pulls that off, but she was damn good at it. I can't get my cat, Mama, to do all those cute little things that she does and get any kind of decent picture. I must have 147 pictures of the back of her head. Most of the time she wants to lie on my mouse hand and grab my arm and go to sleep. This is all fine; I put a towel over my arms, because she does grab on.

Alex and I speculated about the kitteh population in and around Nebraska Ave. Before I moved here, I had never seen cats with the types of markings that these cats have. It's like they were all designed by a committee of exterior decorators. They're all part calico-tortoise-shell-tabby, with patches of solid color and/or white thrown in and there are about a zillion of them.

I do think that Mama is the Matriarch, or at least one of them. She has been spayed. We saw to that after we adopted her and her very last kitten was killed by a motorcycle, but she has two sons from previous litters who show up to visit and they have very similar marking akin to hers. 

A picture of Mama when she's actually looking at ME. I've since taken 83,749 pictures of her ass, her feet, the back of her head, but I've yet to get another head shot.

If you go on an evening stroll on some of the more secluded streets in V. M. Ybor, there are entire streets, where mini-Mamas are just lolling about on the streets. If you try to approach them, they run off to their owners' houses. The people have made a very good effort at controlling the cat population and adopting the strays, but the gene pool here is singular.

A bit farther to the east, in Ybor City, there is a lovely breed of cat that originated there, called the Havana Brown. These cats are so, so dark chocolate, that you cannot tell they are brown unless they are in direct sunlight. They are rather small and the few that I have known are feisty little cats, but wonderful to behold.

These are some of my more recent attempts. We're either getting ready to pass into an alternate universe, ala "Fringe", or I was having a really bad day with my essential tremor. In truth, she just KNOWS when that damn camera is coming out!

Mama kind of rules the places around here, and she can be a little con artist. For several weeks, she was letting me know that she didn't care for her dry food and that she really wasn't all that crazy about the wet food I was feeding her. I was pulling my hair out, trying to find something this elderly, cranky cat would eat. I would give her some bits of rotisserie turkey that I got from the deli; bits of cheese from my sandwich. I made some home-made meatballs; she liked those. Then, last Sunday, I walked into the kitchen, and caught her chowing down on her dry food. She looked up at me, with a look that said "I am sooooo busted!" As my friend Jeremy says, "That's cats for ya!" Indeed.


Donna Smith said...

My aunt and grandmother took similar pictures to your mom's. We were always laughing at the vacation pictures. I wonder if it was just because it was "newish" technology - point and click was not the term they used, but it was the grandfather never touched the camera either.

Mainely Write

Kathe W. said...

great post- when we moved 4 years ago I filled a dumpster ( noooo really just a garbage can) with discarded photos of
endless sunsets, and lots of stupid selfies before digital was around!

Juneta Key said...

Great post. Very interesting. Wishing you the best,
Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

Lisa said...

Wow, I have no idea about a lot of what you were talking about but I'm glad you're happy! And your kitties are cute! Thanks for co-hosting this month on IWSG... Was looking for that post. Maybe I missed it...

Kalpanaa M said...

Thank you for co hosting the IWSG. I love the photos of the Kittens. Cheers.

Viola Fury said...


I do so apologize for the lateness in returning your comment; I was away and then I had no internet >.< I'm not sure if it was the newish technology for my folks, but suspect that Wallaces dealing with any rendering of something lifelike on any media would be a horror. My father drew square dogs and I'm pretty sure Wallaces in caves drew square buffalo or something, so it's definitely genetic. We're rubbish at it.

Anyway, I do certainly appreciate you stopping by and visiting! Mary

Viola Fury said...


Now in the digital age, we can fill up the cloud with that drivel. I have endless photos of my cat up there - and unfortunately, she herself is up there in the sky. She passed away. She was so old and frail and wanted to eat, but she really couldn't and it was just a matter of time. I will be raising two of her great-great X infinity grandkittens and that will be my solace. She was a joy. But the crappy pictures live on. Thanks for visiting!

Viola Fury said...

@Juneta Key!

Thanks for the visit! I'm glad you found it interesting. I do have a tendency to ramble. Now, that I finally have good internet, I will be haunting your site. I enjoyed your remarks and Tweets on my phone, but I have essential tremor and one can only type on those teeny-tiny keys before the tremors set in, so now I can like a normal person! I'll be by to visit your website, Juneta. Thanks for stopping by! Mary.

Viola Fury said...


That's okay; I mostly don't always know what I'm babbling about, either. It's a Scots thing. The #IWSG post is on a separate page and there's a link to it at the bottom of this post. I had no idea what I was doing. So, I talk about stuff I don't know, and do things I don't know how to do.Yup; sounds about right! Thanks for stopping by! Mary

Viola Fury said...


Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the picture of kittehs! I can never see too many of them! Mary