Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Letter “D” is for the dawgs or dogs of the 'hood and just about everyone has one. Except for me. I have a cat and she is probably the mother cat of all the other cats around here, because she has very distinctive markings and all of the cats around here look like her. The cats live the life of Riley, lolling about in the streets and just daring someone to hit them. No one ever does; the cars slow to a stop, and beep politely and the cats languidly get up, stretch and saunter off to their yards.

My cat is pretty old and has the “little old cat” thing going on. When you pet her, it's like petting a picked-over turkey carcass with fur, but she's in good health and she spends her days glued squarely on some part of my body. She teases the little pit-bull puppy next door, and I scold her for it, which affects her not one whit.

Oso ("Oso" means "Bear" in Spanish) wishing I'd make Mama play with him... yeah, that's happening.

Most of the “dawgs” around here are pit-bulls and every one of them that I have ever dealt with has been a wonderful dog. I had one pop up out of nowhere and crawl into my lap, when I lived in the homeless shelter. He just wanted petting and love. He sat with me for several hours, until his frantic owner found him.

No dog-fighting is going on around here. People's animals are treated like their children. The funny thing is, if someone doesn't have a pit-bull, they have little, yappy dogs and there are several on this block. They also try to play with Mama, and she gives them a cat “F you” as well. As sweet as she is with me, she will sit just out of a dog's reach and just lay there, like she's the Queen Bee. I'm always apologizing for her. Oso, the pit-bull puppy next door, is really a good dog. Smart as a whip, and for a puppy, he's not hyper. He is intent however, on digging up the front yard, but he doesn't chew up shoes, or people, so, that's a plus.

Mama, thinking, "Goldurnit! These naps take a lot out of me! Quit waking me up!

Of course, an upside to having these loyal animals is they are good watch-dogs. Mama didn't exactly warn me when the two guys got in my house. When she first adopted me, she was extremely skittish of any type of noise. Now, that she's more secure, she just takes it all in stride. Plus, I think she darted out of her special kitty-door that she made, when these two guys got in the house. I'm not exactly equipped to keep a dog, nor can I really afford one, although I'd love to have one and keep up with the Joneses. Anyway, this is just a quick post. I'm also co-hosting #IWSG for Alex Cavanaugh this month! Happy *#IWSG'ing and #A-to-Z'ing!

*There is a separate page for the #IWSG post HERE: #IWSG CHECK-IN FOR APRIL 2016
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