Sunday, September 2, 2012


This whole thing has gotten completely fucked up. Not that I have planned out one microsecond of any of it, but for 4 whole minutes yesterday, I had planned out this epic post about Area 51, since it was ROW80 Day 51, get it? Yeah, I thought it sucked too. Or, as my friend Gabe would say, "Would you like some lame sauce with that?" Then, Andi-Roo comes along with her “Suicide” post and I get all emotional and have a case of lightning-in-a-bottle, which is how I do some of my best writing. Well, let’s face it, it’s how I do my only writing pretty much. If I try doing it the other way(s), whatever those are, it’s all—BUH, DUH, BUR and not the least bit entertaining. Maybe this isn’t either, but it’s fun to write.

So, I proceed to rip off a bunch of rhetoric regarding my thoughts on suicide and how it affected my life and then I decide to get clever. This is when I always run into trouble. Yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn’t leave it alone. I had spent the first part of the day torturing SETI and the astropulse. You see, I didn’t like the color scheme. So, after painstakingly fiddling with the algorithms and going through all the different colors (water world, desert hoo haa, tropic thunder, boo boo blah) and then tinkering with custom and panels and all this HORSESHIT and updating the data and upsetting the poor things, I ended up with the same batch of Rainbow Bright stuff I had started with. I just went in a giant circle.

Then I ran across Andi’s post. The call to arms! All systems go. Type, type, type and madly. Proofread and slap that bitch in my blog. Now, we get “clever.” Hell, here’s where stupid takes over in the driver’s seat. This happens a lot in my life. I have certain routines I have to follow; if I don’t, I become hopelessly muddled and, either screw everything up or nothing gets done. Whether or not this is a function of my bipolarity or part of my physical condition, I can’t say. I did not used to be like this. I used to be able to handle several things and improvise in my routines. I can still do this musically, and my computer skills haven’t suffered; maybe I just don’t give a shit. I suspect it’s because I’m an old crock.

Anyway, my routine after posting in my blog is to first post the link in FB. Then, I go to and shorten the URL to post to Twitter with the hashmark #ROW80, so that it’s picked up by the #ROW80 Daily paper of Mr. Wayne Borean. I have to give this man credit. This is a nice online paper for bloggers and he puts this out and updates it DAILY, along with about 70 billion other things he does. He is a dedicated, talented and kind man. The fact that he and the rest of the ROW80 folks, Kait Nolan, et al. put up with me, are more a testament to their great patience than my persistence. I’m a traveling cat-fight of confusion.

Anyway, I got “clever” and for my #ROW80 post, I decided to “refer” to Andi-roo’s original suicide post, alongside my “rebuttal,” and I did so in my usual slap-dash manner, not bothering to check thing one. Then, I go off to play Club Penguin, or more likely Runescape, since hardly anyone who talks plays Club Penguin anymore. Imagine my horror, when, a few hours later, I see that the new #ROW80 Daily by Mr. Wayne Borean is out and there is a post of “SUICIDE – BECAUSE SOMETIMES LIFE ISANTICLIMACTIC” by VIOLAFURY! Well, $%#(%^@# I DID not write that story, I wrote, “REBUTTAL TO SUICIDE – BECAUSE SOMETIMES LIFE IS not ANTICLIMACTIC.” So, now MY name is plastered all over HER story. Being my Andi-Roo, she laughed it off, but yikes! Anyone else would come and find me and beat me to death with a spoon and I wouldn’t blame the person.

I do shit like this all the time. This is worse than the time I was trying to respond to a comment on my own blog and I have probably mentioned this. But I have one giant bitch; why is every blogging platform the shits to work with? They all are impossibly dense, non-intuitive, balky and just strange. I had a couple of blogs on Wordpress. That sucked. I have my only blog on Blogspot and I can’t say I’m in love with that. For God’s sake I supported Microsoft Office and Lotus Suite for years and they weren’t this horrible. It’s like God took every failure in the known universe and stuffed it into a box. They’re hideous. With the advancements in software, operating systems and the java interfaces, shouldn’t this shit be getting easier to manage, not harder? I understand the layers are denser and the builds are more complex, but come on! I know, I know; spoken like a true systems architect. Lemme shut up.

Anyway, I was just trying to type one little paragraph to someone who was nice enough to stop by, read my drivel and leave a comment. I go to post my response and Blogspot spits out “you have to be logged in to perform that function.” Well, &*!#@() So, I log in… and promptly follow myself. !#@$ Shit.

Well, I have to go find Mr. Borean and tell him I did not write that fine article. I have to tell him I did not stand at the crossroads with my pen and sell my soul to the devil. I have to tell him that great post “SUICIDE – BECAUSE SOMETIMESLIFE IS ANTICLIMACTIC” was written by the wonderful, the @theworld4realz, andi-roo!

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