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In the interests in time and trying to catch up, and get to the good stuff (Letter “T”), the next three entries, are definitions loosely related to humor, or humour, as our friends across the pond spell the word. I actually prefer 'humour', as I do 'armour', but that's from too many years of playing Runescape, where 'armour' takes on a whole new meaning. Steel? We're way beyond that and into the subtleties armour that is used for meleers, rangers and wizards and is matched with a player's abilities. But, I am digressing as well as pretty much cheating; it's been a hellacious month. 

One of my clan mates asked me if there were any other monsters besides Green Dragons that dropped Green Dragon Hides. "Yeah," I replied. "Ogres". I'm co-Leader of a 9-year old clan with members that regularly ask questions like this, and I'm happy to provide answers similar to the one I provided; I'm here to help! 

Quip. Noun \'kwip\ : a clever remark. Something I do very little of, unless it's in reaction to someone else's witty remark, in which case, it is then not a quit, but a rejoinder, or retort.

1 a: a clever usually taunting remark” GIBE

b: a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment.


3: something strange, droll, curious, or eccentric : ODDITY

The first known use: 1579.

Examples of: *eyeroll at a certain cellist's bragging about her abilities* My other cellist friend, who is internationally well-known quipped to me, “Yup, she's a legend in her own mind.”

Tampa Bay Symphony
After the concertmaster's (in Detroit, whom we ALL hated) interpretation of how NOT to play a certain passage, demonstrated screechily and horribly and with ease, I said, sotto voce, “Gee, Eddie does it so well.” My friend, a cellist, sitting next to me, riposted “He's guilty of premature articulation, too.” But that's a subject for another post. Her remark was funnier.

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