Monday, February 17, 2014

List Of The Day: Crappy Photos Of Men With Cats (Of The Day)

List Of The Day: Crappy Photos Of Men With Cats (Of The Day)

Mirth and hilarity from my good buddy Cary McNeal who runs the insanity that is LOTD! I read his stuff for years and lurked. When I finally got the nerve to join in the fun, he welcomed me with open arms. Fun, random and stupid doesn't come any better than this! Thanks for the laughs over the years, Cary and thanks for these pics; not sure which is more hilarious, the men or the looks on some of these cats' faces! xoxo ViolaFury

 I added my own comments per each pic. They are pretty hysterical and some just cannot go without adding a word or 149...

The sixth one down looks like my late, beloved Russian Blue, Trotsky, only with far less dignity! 

The whole bird-cat montage and mountain guy thing of Number One could be interesting, but for the fact that it's looks like a whole bunch of pictures cut out of the PetCo Catalog and glued into a picture; plus the guy's head looks like a really horrible cut-and-paste job and doesn't really belong on that suspiciously much more fit torso. Judging by the position of number one's arm and the look on the cat's face, it could be interpreted as some proctology experiment, gone horribly awry, or just blatant bestiality; jury's out on that one. 

Number three could be a wedding; see number one. 

Number two is a show cat, but yikes!

Number four for some reason makes me think the guy took the mustache from the cat, and the cat is sad about it. 

Number five is the "many moods of Manny and Muffins". 

Number six is "DEWD! I DON'T DO SELFIES!" 

Number Seven Guy is abviously confused. He thought ordered 7 pairs of folded Argyll wool sweaters from Scotland and he somehow ended up with 7 Scottish fold kittens; he's trying to keep warm, or is waiting for them to grow out their wool. He probaably thinks he's supposed to shear them and knit the wool himself. He looks like a DIY'er.

Number Eight; both guy and cat look like they are going to eat Santa instead of having their picture taken with Santa. I bet they get coal in their stockings.

Number Nine; really? You tattoo'ed your Egyptian Hairless? I hope he claws your balls off. . .
Number Ten Hoodie and Hoodie. LMAO ROFL. Jesus; the looks on both of them. They look stunned; either somebody shit, or farted, or a nuclear bomb went off in the next block. Too funny! ha ha ha!

Number Eleven's cat has a bad case of Bald Belly and is he holding Kitteh or choking Kitteh?

Number Twelve has an interesting idea of romanticism and what sets the mood. I'm particularly taken by the awkward stance and the weird lighting but really intrigued by the television antennae on the roof. It doesn't help that Mittens' eyes are more hypnotic that douchenozzle's.

Number Thirteen's going for the same thing, but the Russian Blue is too stunning. Plus, dude looks like someone popped him in the left cheek, or else he has an infected molar; plus, he almost has a unibrow and his eyes are too close together. Lose the guy, keep the cat.

Number Fourteen is a perfect storm of horrible. Christmas Sweater, Senior Picture, cat and "many moods" montage. All we lack is some kind of weird Manger or Precious Moments and this could grace the fireplace mangle all year long. Kitty is obviously doped to the eyeballs here.

Number Fifteen's going for a muscular, friend-of-the-animals look. I have no words, except that his armpit hair scares me. Oh, and put down the weight, you might drop it on your pussy.

Nothing shouts "DEPRAVITY" like a nice relaxing evening, lounging bare-ass naked on the couch with Miss Fluffykins (who looks as if she's being pinned down here) with your favorite bottle of rotgut and a big pile of ye olde typewriter and strewn-around papers and sundry books. If it was creative you were going for Number Sixteen, you're about 3 good AUs (Astronomical Units) off the mark. Just a big pile of EWWWW.

Last but not least, Number Seventeen loves his kitty and that's a good thing. Kitty doesn't seem to mind and I suspect that between the two of them, there are about 3 working brain cells. A match made in heaven, or in the backwoods of Hillbillyville. Hopefully, Boots there has a few more teeth.


D Biswas said...

Those pics, and your commentary-- just what I needed at the end of a long hard day...rofl!

Viola Fury said...


Thanks! I was going to comment on Cary's site, but it just kept going...and going... and going... and I couldn't stop myself!

So glad I could make you laugh! xoxo Mary