Saturday, January 12, 2013


Damn! I was going to get up and post something; I’m not really sure what. One of the more interesting things about life and all of the changes, like, yeah, when doesn’t it change? But here, lately? It changes with what seems to be an increase in exponential frequency. It could also be that my poor brain is just really in that stage where it perceives the changes occurring more rapidly. Unless I’m tired and I am right now. How ridic.

The warning labels weigh more than the bottle.

I ran out of my Topamax which really helps my bipolar condition which is one of MY manifestations of “PD or non-PD, blah-de-blah, blah-di-blah.” I missed ONE dose. By yesterday afternoon, I felt it. I was able to get my refill and all is well, or well-ish. But, because I already tried to murder my blog and had to deal with that havoc? (too strong a word, it WAS funny, but it’s change and I’m so hardwired, I clank if you bang on my head.) Therefore, I feel it physically, for a few days afterward. It sucks feeling so enervated after such a minor thing.

Then, horror of horrors! (not really, I love a challenge!) Microsoft’s LifeCam software was part of my latest batch of updates? “Bugpatches” is what we referred to them. Actually, Microsoft is not in the business of creating systems and applications. It’s just one giant Bug industry. It should be called Bugsoft, or Microbug, or Bugshit. The problem is this; with all of the intelligence and creativity that Bill Gates displayed at IBM, he took what was a robust and very workable product and dumbed it down.

Bill didn’t have to do that. He did that so that he could maximize his profit in a shorter period of time and he did it at the expense of the consumer and the industry. No one who has any kind of computer savvy or has ever worked in a hard computing environment, where you work either directly with servers or mainframes, think Windows-based platforms, or MACs, for that matter are worth a damn. I can’t speak for the gamers. I play one game, Runescape and ever since I killed JAVA, (read this article on why I killed JAVA; I'm no visionary, but I've been suspicious of JAVA for years and killed it for good last year.) I have to run it from Jagex's client. I could use Linux, or OS/2; I just don’t have the patience, and I really don’t have the patience with “PD Blargle….”

So, anyway, thanks Bill Gates. Once again, your software fucked up your software. I hope you’re happy. When I narrowed it down, I didn’t even go to your Knowledge Base to look for a “fix,” because then I would have needed a “fix” of a different kind. All of your shit sucks. Your software, community, your partnership with Dell. As an aside, their horrible Intel processors; AMD processors are much more elegant. Intel had an architectural flaw back in the 90s; for a while 2 + 2 equaled 5. No shit. Hot fix. Their integrity over time has never been truly sound. The AMDs can be overclocked via software and worked hard for years. Although I knew a guy once, who overclocked his with a knife; Mary don't do hardware. Last I knew, his was still working. They are that rugged.

Anyway, they're great for math, data-mining and algorithms, and wonderful for SETI@home, but back to Bill and his C- report card. Customer support, Website, F; big giant fail. I don't even go there. Everything you have ever done has had the stamp of slightly less than mediocre about it. I realize you have 7 gabillion dollars and you and your wife gave 1 billion of it to school kids. But the fact remains, you took your "MS"-DOS and left IBM. You tweaked the code here and there and built your Windows 1.0 off of that and all else followed.

No Words Needed

That was back in the day. IBM hung onto PC-DOS and built OS/2 1.0 and WARP off of that, which was killer and no, you couldn’t kill it AND you could run a Windows shell and MSOffice on the same system along with all of your Lotus (1-2-3, AmiPro,Notes) products. But Bill had to kill it. He didn’t want the competition. The sad thing here is, quality didn’t win out. IBM didn’t know how to market it’s product and Bill Gates did. Throw in Steve Jobs with his Apple bullshit and IBM never had a chance. Too corporate and too much spook. I’ve seen exactly 2 commercials on TV for WARP OS/2. I see the hardware ads, but the laptops are tooled by Lenovo.

I found this article on the history of WARP OS/2 to see if I remembered right. Some of it I did, some I didn’t. I worked at IBM from 1995 to 1998, then went to Verizon. This quote followed by the link to the article says it all:

Another of our guinea pigs, already an OS/2 fan, neatly summed up the software when he told us that it “thinks the way I think. [But] it’s not an end-user operating system; it’s a nerd operating system.”
Read more:

Geeze o pete. Am I a nerd? An enthusiastic one, but a nerd. Happy Saturday! Check in tomorrow!

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