Friday, January 18, 2013


I have to buckle down. Now that I have the mechanical stuff (although I know not how to use it, see below) pretty well in place, I need to quit stalling. I’ve gained enough in physical strength and I believe my mental attitude is pretty solid, for the time being. I just can’t overtax myself (read, if I feel like being lazy, I will, or playing Runescape, I will, or fiddling with my camcorder, I will, etc.)

My first video ever. Sam Elliott is played by JC 

My biggest problem right now is my own laziness or my lack of concentration. One of the things I find myself doing and it drive me nuts is my brain is just all over the place in terms of being able to focus for more than 5 minutes. Take that there sentence. Horrible and I’m not even going to fix it! Live with it, because as soon as I try to type really fast, the tremors start. This is where the typing hate comes in. But I don’t want to be forgotten, because who in the hell is going to read the e-book of a person they forgot about 9 months ago?

I mean, if I’m not doing stupid stuff and in your face every damn day with my idiocies, are you going to want to shell out .99 or 1.99 or 3.99 for a poorly formatted, typo-filled e-book of my mishaps and faux pas from the musical and computer worlds? Are you going to want to read about my many spectacular misadventures in orchestra pits and computer server rooms? How about all of the many happy hours I spent living in the homeless shelter and joy-filled times and philosophical conundrums that challenged us all? Don’t you want to take a gander at those scintillating discussions? Neither do I; actually that was some pretty funny shit.

The point is, without me adhering to some type of schedule, it ain’t gonna happen. The e-book Fairy is not scheduled to trip on by here, anytime soon, so I think I’m going to have to actually sit down here and do something, that actually resembles something like, work. This means going back to the beginning, just as I did as a kid and applying some semblance of discipline, even if it’s just for a short period of time, say ½ hour stretches, but at regular intervals.

Yes, it’s that bad. Anyway, JC is on the mend after performing a half-gainer trying to run to the bus on Wednesday. He’s fine, but the pavement took a beating. The bus actually, HARTline, stayed and waited, while the Tampa Fire-Rescue checked him out and made sure nothing was broken and there was no concussion. He called me as he was ON THE GROUND! I could hear people hollering in the background when he called, so naturally, I ran into the bathroom door-sill trying to get my clothes on. What is that? Synchronicity twice removed? Bravo to Hartline and Tampa Fire-Rescue!

The pavement lost... my poor baby

Anyway, we’re good, but my house looks like hell. I’m trying not to care, but my hard-wired self is a sleeping dragon. Eventually, it will lumber up out of the gloom, sulfurous breath heating up, before singeing my brain and sending me on a tear around the house. Cthulhu will certainly join in the fun. I do have to clean by tomorrow, though. I love my neighbors. We’re having one of our porch parties. The theme is Mexican. Someone mentioned watching the movie, “Simon Bitch;” I’m still laughing.

confuse-a-what 1

confuse-a-what 2

confuse-a-what 3

Directions: Watch all 3 in order; How stupid is this? LOL

Okay, so after “fiddling with my camcorder,” I can see that it’s probably really a great notion that I don’t drive, don’t operate anything with more than 2 moving parts or any type of heavy equipment, do any surgery, or juggle knives, chainsaws or flaming things. The fact that I am still able to play my viola has more to do the fact that I have literally a “mental” map of my bow arm and my left fingers in my head as to how they “frame” themselves with bow, strings and on my fingerboard; (hint: the digits get much closer together the higher the register, and yes, Wolf is unique at 15 7/8” length) this says more about the harmony between my brain and sense of touch and very little about my sense of sight. All you doubting Thomases can just go look at all that fine videography up above if you don’t believe me. All I was trying to do was take a still picture. I wasn't playing Cecil B. Demille, fer cripes sake! My new Jazz DV152 Camcorder is awesome; I'm hilarious.

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