Friday, November 2, 2012


Jesus, this is bad. I posted my 1737 words for NaNoWriMo about ½ hour ago. I have just the barest idea that I may actually get away with something vaguely book-ish. Very intensely autobiographical. I’m basically barfing out my life’s story, changing everyone’s name and running with it.

Just so I make sure there’s plenty of ME to go around on the Internet, I still plan on doing a self-publishing type of book that now has 5! yes 5 whole sections! 1 – Early Life, 2 – Music, 3 – Computers, 4 – Homeless and 5 – Runescape. Who doesn’t want to read the ravings of a middle-aged woman cavorting around a virtual world with her friends and finding new and interesting ways to die? Not me. Don’t worry, the ‘Homeless’ part is short. Yeah.

'Brother, can ya spare a n00b 3 gp?' 

Anyway, from yesterday to today, I forgot that I posted for Halloween and I spent most of yesterday afternoon obsessing about NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, JC’s knee took a turn for the redder and puffier. He spent Saturday in the hospital and for some idiot reason, they put him on Zithromax, a wide-spectrum antibiotic, which is okay for  bronchial infections, but not deeper, more serious stuff. Ergo, off he went to his primary doctor today.

Now, he has to go back tomorrow, so she can lance what looks suspiciously like something akin to cellulitis, an infection that started about 4 months ago, when he had a procedure done at the USF outpatient center. Honestly, the health care system has so gone to Hell in this country, it’s unbelievable. I don’t want to start a rant here. I have had my own dealings with all of this. I just need to get him well right now. It sucks when you have a person as compliant as he is and you can’t get one goddamned competent person beyond one's own personal physicians to pay attention! He’s going back to his primary doctor tomorrow so she can lance what looks like Boilzilla. They should have fixed this last weekend when he was hospitalized. Jesus!

They don't know him at TGH, and the majority of the folks there, if they're not transplant patients, which TGH does awesomely, by the way, are charity cases. Read that as, 'street people,' or 'homeless.' I'm saying no more, because in the main TGH does a fine job. Their ER department is good. The doctors are compassionate and care, more than a batch of neurologists who pretend to diagnose over there. Anyway, everyone has off days. I just wish they had had an off day on someone else. So much for my clarity and compassion. You can suck, just don't be sucky on my dear, loved ones. Seriously. I'm not this pissed when they tell me I'm crazy.

So, here we are, 4 days away from an election that will mean? Who in the hell knows. Right now, I think the country is in such deep, deep shit, that it makes not one whit of difference who gets elected. I voted early, and I just know, I don't want someone who doesn't know that a "submarine is a thing, fuckwhistle."  Seriously, there was never any question. I have a visceral meter that took one read off of Romney and went "OHHELLNO!" at DEFCON11. I had the same reaction to President Junior Bush when I first clapped eyes on him, and visceral works for me. Besides, the 1st time I heard Obama speak at the Democratic Convention in 2004, within 2 sentences, I knew he would be our next president.

I have also been hearing all these things through various media outlets and on the Internet about stuff like the US sitting down with the Iranians to begin Peace talks and to counter this, Bibi Netanyahu has formed a ‘war cabinet’ by merging his Likud Party with the hard line Yisrael Beytenu party of Avigdor Lieberman.

This sounds ever so much like all of the hype and hysteria preceding both World Wars, yet everyone is so hot to jump up and holler and scream and shout and froth about? The same goddamned shit every other goddamned country fought over: territory. You can gussy it up all you want and try to put lipstick on this pig. You can call it Leibensraum if you like. Why the fuck not? It got Hitler pretty far.

Let's just scream and holler and chew rugs and froth our way into total destruction!

What we really need right now is? An alien invasion. Yup, a good old flying saucer-type batch of Aliens from Alien-Land. And they need to be some mean bastard Aliens. Not the huggy-feely sweet Aliens from “Close Encounters of a Third Kind,” or the funny, kitschy Aliens from “Mars Attacks.” No, we need a big batch of those horrible, mean bastards, like in “Alien,” the first cut. We need about 75 of their ships to crash land here in populated and out-of-the-way places. That will make everyone unify in a hurry, straighten up, quit fighting over bullshit and get along.

Don't Make Me Come In There!

Note: Written , 11/01/2012, 18:30 EDT, Posted 11/02/2012, 13:01 EDT
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