Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I keep getting calls from this number because I have outstanding medical bills from when I was being stupid and irresponsible. I am now on full Disability and have a good life. I am unable to pay medical bills incurred from the time I received my SSDI and the time the State of Florida deems I am eligible for Medicare, which is a 2-year wait period. Lemme cut to the chase; I receive as many as 8 to 10 of these "dunning" calls per day. I have tried to request that these people, immediately "cease-and-desist" from hounding me on the phone. That's a "magic" FBCA (Fair Banking Credit Act) phrase.

This type of call violates FCC laws and is beyond any normal consideration that would be deemed either professional or proper, not to mention civil. Furthermore, I am going from here to the FTC and the SEC and FBI and lodging complaints. I would suggest that anyone reading this post do likewise. These people have no intention of doing anything except extorting money from frightened, sick people via credit card and they do it by purchasing lists from Hospitals' delinquent accounts' databases. Said hospitals have already written off the debt, and these strong-arm companies are raking in the dough, from sick, terrified people, who cough up a credit card number at the drop of a hat. These strong arm companies rely on numbers, using speed-dial and persistence.

This has to STOP. If every time a consumer gets one of these calls, you cut-and-paste something like this and get a case number, go to http://www.fcc.gov/ complaints through this website, I guarantee this will shut the bastards down, or at least ruin their day a little. 

What this company is doing is illegal, immoral and wrong. There is no arguing and no reasoning with them. They hire offshore robots and you can't tell them you want them to cease-and-desist. They will insist you give them a credit card number. That's it. By law, they are supposed to record ALL calls. All LEGITIMATE companies are supposed to do so, whether they’re 3rd party billers or not. If they are calling to collect debt, they MUST stop when you say the magic words “CEASE-AND-DESIST.” Per the FCBA (Fair Billing and Credit Act,) The MINUTE you say CEASE AND DESIST, calls MUST STOP, if it's a legitimate collection agency. This one is NOT. Let's spread the word and put these assholes out to pasture. Better yet, I'd love to put these fuckers behind bars. This is illegal. 321 250-7016; your days are numbered; whoever the hell you are.

Meh… Not a big enough pain in the ass. This shit has been going on since I was hospitalized, yet again, back in March. BFD. I reported to the above, because I got sick and tired of hollering in Klingonese at the drone on the phone, but really because they are unethical and need to be behind bars. But they’re not my problem. This is.

By all that is holy, I cannot believe this horror. I went back to my supermarket today. The poor, pink pumpkins must have been spirited away by the Mother Pumpkin, or mayhap I just zoomed right by them. There was new 50/50 mix on the shelf and that shit is like crack for me. It’s some kind of greenery like spinach and has spinach-like properties, but it’s scrubby and has purple scrubby things in it and is succulent and I love it!

I went to the market today to pick up some of JC’s meds and take back some croutons that I had tried out. I usually get Caesar croutons of the house brand and they rock, but they were out last week, so I got a fancy kind that were a bit more and they tasted like metal! They also had some of the texture of metal, too. Maybe these got mixed up on the truck and were supposed to go to Pluto or wherever, but Hell on a bicycle! It said “all natural ingredients” on the outside. I didn’t realize they meant they had to go mining to produce these. I hope those others weren’t radioactive or something. Gah!

So, I returned the substitute croutons and found they had gotten new ones. The kind I love. So, I moseyed on over to annoy the folks in the Deli, and as I’m moseying, I dimly realize I’m hearing the music. Now, the music on the squawk box is pretty bitchin’ if I do say so myself. Earlier, I had been enjoying Carly Simon singing “You’reSo Vain,” (it isn’t Mick Jagger) and singing along. I, at least can sing in tune. I cannot vouch for the quality of my voice; it’s safe to say no one ever turned to stone or died from it.

Anyway, I started hearing a familiar tune. It sounded an awful lot like Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” on alto Saxophone. This goes on for awhile and is sort of entertaining, but then again, sort of not. “Sleigh Ride” ceased to be entertaining for me the very first time I played the fucker, because, it’s, well, it’s Leroy Anderson and his stuff sucks. It sucks hard. Any jack-leg who writes for typewriter and Symphony Orchestra should just be instantly killed, along with his family and his neighbors, and their neighbors. Nuke the whole freaking neighborhood. What the fuck? Typewriter? Why not vacuum cleaner? How'z about a sump pump? What a fucking douchestick! And it sucks hardest when you play the viola part. It’s boring beyond tedium. See my opinions on Mozart for my outlook on playing boring music.

It turns out this was “Sleigh Ride” via Thelonius Monk and it sucked harder than anything Wolfgang or Leroy ever could come up with. It wandered and roamed and if there was a theme it never found a home and it was so fucking bad, it was truly stupendously breathtakingly hideously awful. I found the manager and told him he needed to contact Corporate immediately and get their money back. That monstrosity of a recording needs to be erased, burned, have acid poured on it, somebody needs to shit on it and bury it. It needs to go into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine and be sent back to the Stone Age. The “musician” who played it? God help that poor fucker. I hope he made all of that up, because if he had to memorize that? He’s in some ward somewhere going, “bee dee bee dee dooo bee doo beeee dee.” “Yes, Virginia, that was some bad shit, goin’ down.” Just thinking about it makes me batshit.

ViolaFury never, ever wants to hear “Sleigh Ride,” via Thelonius Monk again. Or slaying will occur. THAT is my nemesis! Happy Christmas!
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