Saturday, August 11, 2012


“Romney is a sacrificial lamb... the Republicans have known all along they didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning, so they just threw the most preposterous candidate out there.” I have been posting this anytime someone posts a new stupidity on FB, complete with number of reposts. I am fairly politically astute; at least for a blind viola player. I was raised in a household that was aware of what was going on in the world, especially during the Viet Nam war. This was during the era of LBJ and Robert McNamara and the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which smelled even then.

My father was openly admiring of Muhammad Ali for crystallizing his stance on his non-participation In the war, “I got no quarrel with those Vietcong.” A bunch of guys in pajamas, who as far as we could tell were being led by a dude who was a patriot, Ho Chi Minh, even though he was a Communist, which had nothing to do with his patriotism. Uncle Ho put Viet Nam first and didn’t want a bunch of murderous French and now a bunch of murderous US soldiers in his country. Not to minimize our military. We were being sold a bill of goods that would put Cal Worthington and Pat Robertson to shame. I always care and have honor for our fighting men and women. Just because douchegrapes are running the show doesn’t make the Military evil, not yet.

Which brings us to the hapless Mitt Romney, in a really clunky seque. I have been trying to understand this putz for the longest. I know he’s been Governor of Massachusetts. I’ve been to Boston and taught software at Bell Labs. Pretty spiffy and brilliant. Nice city. Home of the BoSox. Boo. But a hell of a brain trust. How in hell did Bonzo ever win the Governorship of this state. Oh yeah. Put really, really simply, Ted Kennedy died, the rest of the family are a bunch of syphilitic drug users, and Mittens has bagoodles of cash and a killer political machine in place that was (emphasis on the "WAS") for him election to governor. In like Flynn. Great. So the great Pretender gets in, sets a bunch of “records,” which aren’t really records because the economy goes tits up after he leaves, but it makes for a “Best of Hits” CD that the GOP can crow about.

Ah yes, the GOP. Obama is cutting swaths through the horrendous messes left him by previous boneheaded administrations, either intentionally or stupefyingly bad government. Well, not really cutting swaths, but his government is working. And he didn't stand up there and go all "I'M gonna do this and I"M gonna do that," when he ran. He ran smart. He inspired. When's the last time before Clinton, since we heard that? Oh, not since, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JUNIOR. That's what REAL leaders do. They inspire. They make you better than you are, just as teachers do. All of this "I'M DOING THIS, or I'M GOING TO DO THAT" is so much poppycock That kind of government that is so bad, that it makes you wonder. Bush and company did that and then led us over a precipice; and are completely responsible for the latter day Perfect Storm of Horribleness that has been added to some of the other horrible rot that was not yet cleaned up. To wit:.

My first real awareness of rot, moral, fiscal and ethical came in the spring or summer of I believe, 1983, when Edwin Meese, the Attorney General, decided it was just peach to let the Detroit Free Pree and the Detroit News continue to sell newspapers under a JOA, a Joint Operating Agreement. Since when, in the Free Market Economy, did 2 ailing companies NOT slug it out head to head to see who had the better product? To the victor go the spoils. So, we ended up with one, horrible newspaper. They published on alternative days and were full of ads. They both sucked. I was pissed.

And so it went. From edges frayed, to the Chtulhu-like presence of Cheney. Only minus the personality. He seriously has some alternate-reality thing going on. At least, Chthulhu and I see darkness through the same glass. Dick Cheney doesn’t know what horribleness really is; just manufactures blah and paranoia. He wants to be Stalin when he grows up, but Stalin at least had an awesome uniform and mustache and did true evil. I can get behind that. From 9-11 (black helicopters anyone?) to that asshole Paul Wolfowitz, who smells his comb. Wolfie needs to go to Prince of Darkness school. He's just a piker and he truly lacks panache and looks like he smells like moth balls and old man sweaters.

Anyway, the GOP I think recognized early on that Obama is completely unbeatable. Certainly in a debate. I am sure that GOP’ers have vetted possible contenders for years, if not decades. The fact that Romney has been grooming himself for at least the last 12 years, speaks volumes and is rather sad, in a way, but not tear-shedding sad. Were he going to run against anyone but Obama, he would never have stood a chance at the nomination and here’s why. The GOP needs a good candidate, and has a few, someone with a real chance. They need someone like a Ron Paul (who I understand is Independent) but someone with real bonafides who is moderate. Newt ain’t it. Huckabee ain’t it. McCain is too old. Jeb, maybe, but he’s tainted, I think. Not being Republican I don't pay that much attention, but I am sure there are some power houses who are good. 'Nuff said.

Romney was never viable. He’s used to running corporations. He was a Bishop in the Mormons which is suspect right there. Bishops are accustomed to being obeyed without question. He comes off as dumb. His speech is halting and his word choices are very poor. He does not think well on his feet. I’ve heard him chew out reporters and then GO BACK and rate them again. His wife acts like an aristocrat. They both appear out of touch. Every day is a new scandal. The Brits. The Israelis, The Japanese. The Tax Mess. The Bain Mess. The lies. The Medical Insurance debacle. All of the GOP misdirections and putdowns of their own candidate, Romney. But here’s the kicker. The GOP knows all this. Romney is worth MILLIONS. How much of his own money is he spending on this sham? How much is the GOP forking over? How much are the contributors raising and spending? The bottom line? If such a thing is ever seen? The GOP will have spent far less on this Presidential candidate than many others.

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