Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Upon returning from Japan, I find myself coming in on the middle of a really good movie and having no earthly clue as to what the plot is about. To say that crossing the International Date Line and living on an island Nation, touring, seeing practically the entire country from a bus, train, or airplane and rehearsing with four different singers and playing five different programs, all while schlepping "Wolf" (my viola), 50 pounds of luggage, a growing collection of plastic bags, souvenirs and cloth bags, losing mittens, gloves and slipping and falling on ice and dance floors, not to mention down stairs and escalators - a sad trail of bags, luggage, upside-down Wolf (in his case), flowing majestically down the escalator, as I did my best "Mr. Bean" impression to keep from connecting my noggin with the well-placed metal object, that was suitably just-my-height, left me more than a bit tuckered out upon returning to the United States, but resulted in a nice, days'-long nap. 

If nothing else, I got into terrific physical and playing shape! We had a terrific time and I made new friends, as well, as catching up with old ones. Being out of the circuit for a while has been weird, and it feels good to be back. I will have much, much more to write about in the days to come. I really didn't have time to do any serious writing at all on this tour; there just wasn't time, but I did jot down some ideas for later work. I leave you with this iconic picture of Mt. Fuji, taken from early on in the tour. Such a beauty and a harbinger of what was to come; Sapporo and 305 miles as the crow flies from Siberia and we felt every negative degree of it! It was exhilarating and fun and I don't want to do it again for another 2 years! Happy #IWSG'ing!

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