Wednesday, December 2, 2015


In the crescendo of chaos that seems to be my life, whilst having a grand time playing with author Nikki McCormack's Jumping Spiders (a game we made up. On Twitter, no less), congratulating fellow #TeamDamyanti (headed by the most wonderful DamyantiG) members Jemima Pett and Guilie Castillo-Oriard on the release of their books and enjoying their successes, as much as if they were my own, playing and reveling in "Scheherazade" and then starting rehearsals for an old friend - "Rachmaninoff's Piano Concert No. 2", which is richly "viola-centric" in melodies and lines, I almost forgot that today was the day to post for #IWSG. 

Judging by the above, I have nothing regarding writing to be insecure about, because I haven't done any. This isn't tantamount to saying the dog ate the homework. This is just flat-out saying I didn't do any, or very little, with the exception of a post I wrote for #mst3k on Turkey Day. I did the Marathon with the Guys and on Twitter. Last year at this time, Jim and I would have cooked for the homeless around here and given away food, but he passed away in May. I went down to Trinity on T-Day and they were not open, so, I did the #MST3K thing and had a fine time. 

Anyway, I hope one and all had a great turkey day and all of that. Now, on to 2016!

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