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In my meanderings and travels, whether in real life, or in cyberspace, I run into some truly spectacular people who are living remarkable lives and I enjoy their successes and I love hearing about what they're up to, because they make me glad to be a human being. They contribute great things and have fun along the way, all while serving a higher purpose. Crystal Collier is one of these people. When she mentioned during either an #atoz chinwag or a #storydam natter on Twitter that she would be doing a blog tour of her new release "Soulless" I knew that I wanted to jump in on the fun. Crystal is know for her quality cheese and just general all-around generosity *passes the brie; I ate all the colby*. So, without further ado, let me present my dearest dear, Crystal's newest release, "Soulless"! There is a roflcopter (eight times, count 'em eight!) with interview! Enjoy and be sure to read her books. She is a stunning writer!

Interview with Sarah of "Soulless". Sarah is Alexia's aunt, recently lost to the Soulless. Lighthearted, vivacious and occasionally unladylike (despite her noble upbringing). 

Hello Sarah! Tell us a little about yourself.

Sarah: I am amazing. Truly, I am. And rich. (Thank you, my departed and un-missed first husband.)

Wait, first husband?

Sarah: *waves a dismissive hand* Earl Henry Von Faber. A lout--but a rich one who was kind enough to die and leave me some of his fortune. Not all 17 year old brides are so lucky, although I did have to wait 5 years to get my wish.

But first husband means you have a second husband?

Sarah: John. *sighs happily* He is a doctor and a philanthropist. It was our hope that together we might discover a means by which to save the Soulless.

Was your hope?

Sarah: *sits back* Our plans may have gone slightly awry, but I still have hope.

 What do you mean when you say, "awry?"

Sarah: *fingers bite into the armrests. Smiling tightly* Let us just say there is a young girl out there who will learn her lesson once I have regained my strength.

 What exactly are you recovering from?

Sarah: *shifts and sits taller* It is no small secret that my husband, John, was tainted by the Soulless some years ago, and he took every precaution to guard me against his *clears throat* instincts during the moonless night. But all the caution in the world cannot counteract sabotage. *rubbing her back* It has been an adjustment, learning to stave my new-found appetite under the dark moon, but I have been quite successful.

 You're saying you're Soulless?

Sarah: I am saying that any difficulty, no matter how large, may be overcome by preventative measures.

Crystal's books are exciting fun to read, even if you're a full-grown adult! So, be sure and check out her website at and sign up for all of the chances to win! That's 8 entries and you'll definitely get something even just for entering for her signup list! You get a chance to read her reviews, help develop content with her, or provide ideas, or just schmooze around with her! Crystal can also be found in Facebook at her Crystal Collier Author Page,  on Twitter at @CrystalCollier1, on GoodReads and on Tumblr. Crystal, thank you so much for this opportunity to come and play along with you all on #storydam, when we all moved over #atozchat. It's been fun and I look forward to more opportunities like this! 

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Colby is good. AtoZing is awesome. The interview was funny. Overcoming is important.