Friday, November 29, 2013


I finished "Music of the Spheres" at 20:00 E.S.T. on Friday, November 29, 2013, with 50,971 words total and a right "hot mess" it is, too! As Andi-Roo would say, "slam shit down and get that shit on paper". Or some shit. 


I love the HuzzaaH!!

Seriously? I hope to never have to press a <backspace> key again. I know, dream on. T-day rocked. I cooked for my menfolk and we ate loads and loads of everything we shouldn't. Instead of turkey, I baked a chicken, with lots of dressing, mashed potatoes, my signature giblet gravy and two different kinds of green bean casserole, plus a ham. I got everything cooked and done. We ate and ate, fed Robert, the homeless guy, only one guy this year, as Kevin has passed on and I got the kitchen cleaned up and done by 8:15. 

My sugar dropped to 39 at 8:45 and I had some orange juice and went to bed at 9:15. Today, I finished my novel. By way of Ernest Hemingway's instructions, that there are three things a man should do; they are: write a book, have a child and plant a tree. I've done two of the three and I have multiple "children" through the students I've taught privately, and the many, many young men I've met in SpiritZ, who I've based some of my characters on in my book. None of this is a solitary effort, nor is life. Although I am by nature a solitary creature and a contrary one. Anyway, for now, NaNoWriMo is done and won! Yippee!

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