Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I've been editing my previous material from “Homeless Chronicles in Tampa,” not entirely to my satisfaction. But, I am also writing some other essays on Composers and their times and how their music affected me, in between all the sleeping I've been doing. As Andi-Roo and I once tee-hee'd over “the elevensies,” in the Hobbit, I told her that I also did “twelvies, onesies, right on until sleepsies.” And there is a powerful lot of it from the medicine I am taking, although, my tremors are so mild and a bout with them is so short, it no longer taxes me. Doc Burke explained that this would pass and it seems to be working. Besides, all this napping takes a lot out of ya.

Cats will sleep up to 20 hours a day. I bet there are days I beat them.

Anyway, I got all caught up in “Breaking Bad,” first, because it is an excellent show, and the fact that it was conceived by Vince Gilligan. He did wondrous things on “X-Files,” and the awesome acting, the complexities, are almost a Shakespearean Tragedy, if not a Greek one, that overarch the show. It is at times, damned hilarious, but I couldn't figure out why the underbelly drug culture has so fascinated me. Until it hit me; the research for this show is astounding, and as this clip will show you, the Tweakers are some kinda wack. Yo, bitch. They are here arguing about some dumbass game, it sounds like Call of Duty, the Zombie pack and are very passionate about it. The pitch, the gestures, the lingo, is perfect. Pitch-perfect. And I know this how? From my days spent in the homeless shelter. Something of that sort was going on all the time.

It's almost as brainless as the "What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?" question on the old Satusday Night Live

At the homeless shelter, along with the 24-hour beer, bong and knife party, in the men's house, I also observed many people stabbing at inanimate objects; cars, trash cans, doors, especially if they couldn't steal them. It's as if they never read their “Why Little Johnny Can't Stab” book when they were in 'banger school. The other thing about that clip? They are arguing things that can never be proven, and they beat those points to death until something else comes along. When I was homeless, everyone was an “expert” in something. When I finally got my old computer and set it up, a roommate asked why I wasn't on the internet. I explained that I had no ethernet card. She says, “Well, I'm an expert, because I know how to get rid of that Trojan thingy in Outlook. All you have to do is download it.” I asked, in my asshat way, "Download what? The Trojan? Outlook? What." She says, "No, silly. The ethernet card thingy." Just then, I pretended to have a seizure (there were lots of seizures going on at the homeless shelter, some of them not real) or that I had to pee, or the roof was on fire. Whatever, I got the hell out of Dodge.

Ah yes, the old PEBCAK error. Stands for Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard. JC would say she's an astronaut, because of all the space between her eyes. I almost fell off the porch when he said that to her.

I don't even know where to start. First off, anyone who uses Outlook deserves all the mayhem, worms, and Trojans that horrible piece of software is prone to. So, I was relating this whole story to a friend of mine who'd been in prison for tax evasion. He says to me, “That's great! Download an ethernet card, AND dinner. It'll save time.” This is why I don't have to make shit up. Happy Tuesday!

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