Monday, July 1, 2013


Well, July 1st is finally here and it's time for #ROW80 to start. I signed up, absolutely clueless and with a sort-of-goal-looking thing rolling around in my head, but I'm not sure I've committed to it yet. It may be a book, or it may be just a series of essays; already written, but fitfully polished. Or not. I am never sure about these things. In my post-homeless lifestyle, one should probably keep one's options open. Situations can become fluid.

So, it's all rather random and ad hoc, but I don't want too much random and ad hocness, or else you, dear reader(s) may lose interest all together and stop reading, or I may do something kooky and wacky and end back up on the street. That just wouldn't do, so I'll try and behave myself. As it is, I'm not really a person who enjoys random very much. I am pretty hard-wired, so much so, that if one little thing is changed, I start forgetting things, losing things, lose a sense of my routine and I then I get upset and start to hyperventilate and my tremors get worse. It all cascades and it's a mess.

When I'm in the “zone” I can still multitask for short periods of time, but much of my psych meds prevent that. I found that out when I had to come off of them for my DaTScan, but then the bipolar was sneaking back and that isn't welcome. But, now I understand why people stop taking their meds. Anyway, that's why I decided to make this first post for #ROW80 a bunch of random observations 'n' stuff, such as this:

Is this not the cutest kitten ever?

Here is a mystery, I've been pondering. Was I going to make a note and lost interest? Did I forget? Decide the topic was just not worth it? Lost interest, or did I just wander off to make a sandwich?

Whatever it was, I saved it...

Here is a sunfish; these guys are like the clowns of the sea. I was deep sea fishing once with my mom. She was her ever-helpful self. I asked her, “Ma, why are they called Sun Fish?” She said, “Because they are full of sun.” Thanks Ma. That's as bad as the time she told me she had seen a Florida panther in the median of US 19. I asked her what color he was, she answered, “Panther colored,” with a straight face. God, I miss her.

Mr. Sunfish; shining his rays of happiness.

This is Jody and Micky. They were waiting outside TGH for Jody's ride, while I was waiting for my ride after my DaTScan. They very obliglingly let me take their pictures. Micky is from Thailand and works for the PT department, and Jody is one of his patients. She is a beautiful girl and I'm afraid my picture does not do her justice. We had a spirited talk about our favorite desserts, while waiting. Micky's picture is a tattoo of his name in Thai. They were both extremely polite and engaging and they both suffer from cerebral palsy. I always meet the most interesting people at TGH.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures; it was too bright, and I am not a good picture-taker. Jody is a beautiful girl and Micky a very handsome young man. They were both delightful!

These are pictures of Mama I took on the porch. They are the best of a lot of pictures taken. She is nearly impossible to shoot with her looking at the camera. Actually, I think it is me. I suck at picture-taking and video-taking. At least, she's not a giant blur.

This is me as ViolaFury on Runescape, with Linus my lion sitting facing me, while some guard and a troll duke it out to a cyber-death...

I'm sure there are people who say, "why do you flaunt your total geekness on the internet like this? Isn't this the equivalent of pulling your pants down in public?" Well, no, it's not, I say. It's more like showing everyone my boring-ass vacation pictures. The only people who will "get" this, are people who know me and other geeks. Everyone else can bite me.

We have new express buses on HARTline. I didn't realize they ran all the way to Neptune, or maybe the Himalayas. You be the judge...

We have new Express buses that have a limited number of stops. They're green and have that "new bus smell." Same passengers, though, so they'll be smelling like armpits in no time.

I do something resembling “work” for SETI@home and work on 3 projects; SETI, Cosmology and SAT. Every once in a while, some other project “borrows” my CPU and I see some different projects. SAT is a Russian project and they finally added a description of what their project is about:

One of my dearest, long-time, back-to-7th grade smart-as-a-whip, Valedictorian friends, Robert Lee Haycock and I laughed over whether a problem is "practically important," or can all be "reduced to a Boolean satisfiability problem." I would go for the latter; he, the former.

Last, but not least in any way, here is Mama's empty cat treat bag. This just cracks me up for some reason, not the least of which is the cat in the Hawaiian shirt, but no pants.

Also, the cat looks less than thrilled with his fish-on-a-spear, there. Maybe because he's enisled on a huge treat with a surfboard and once that treat becomes waterlogged and sinks, kitty's gonna be hanging ten in the middle of the ocean. Happy Monday!

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